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TTMT: 07 November 2018

It has been a while… lots to show.

12 thoughts on “TTMT: 07 November 2018

  1. Wow. So beautiful! Great quilts. I love the large feathers. I can’t do a feather to save my live yet. I have not given up just need more practice.
    Can’t wait to see how you put those blocks together. Very lovely blocks. Fabric is awesome. Swoon is on my bucket list!


    1. Thank you Aileen! Doing those million feather plumes in the middle really made a huge difference in my ability to stitch feathers nicely… kind of trained my brain to make that shape. (They’re definitely varying in quality if you get up close to it, though nobody really ever would.) I had to try a bunch of different people’s methods before I found one that worked for me – there’s just so much variety in method.

      I’d love to have a big swoon quilt too, but I don’t know if I’ll ever do it. They’re just SO much work.

      The mishmash of blocks is making me a little nervous about figuring out how to put them together into a cohesive quilt. I have a bunch more that I didn’t show in the video and also I had people send me their cut-off half square triangles, so I’ve got lots of little filler bits. I guess I just need to start it already ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Thank you Sarah! The up-side to posting infrequently is that I often have more to show than if I posted every week or two ๐Ÿ˜€ Everyone would get tired of seeing me start my fiftieth new project of the year haha.


    1. Thank you! It’s going to take some effort to find a way to show off those blocks, but I hope I can figure out something fun to do with them! I have a lot of others that I didn’t show you (all the ones I made throughout the year) and a bunch of half square triangles that’ll be filler bits so I should have lots to work with, whether I get those last few blocks or not.


  2. Beautiful quilting! You really did a fabulous job free motion quilting that top!

    I never use two different thread colors anymore. I used do it, but itโ€™s never totally balanced on the tension. Tension will swift throughout the quilting as the bobbin empties or changes in speed or thickness. Itโ€™s just to many variables for me. I find it so disappointing to see the thread pop through to,the wrong side. I just stopped doing it and I really always warn customers that it will not likely look how they want.


    1. Thank you Jennifer! I still want to learn how to long arm, just mainly because of speed if nothing else, but I’m really enjoying FMQ these days, instead of just being terrified like I used to be ๐Ÿ˜€

      This was the first time I tried the two different coloured threads thing and I can honestly say it wasn’t worth the effort. I do think there was an issue with the thread weights – even though I used 50 wt throughout, the orange thread felt thicker to me than the black one and that was the one I had the most problems with. I tend to quilt mostly everything with white thread regardless of the colour of the quilt (the feather one I used a pale pink, but honestly, it was so pale it nearly could have been white) and it hasn’t really bothered me. Except in places with a lot of thread build-up, the thread just kind of sinks back anyway and what you really notice is the texture of the quilting.


  3. Amazing show and tell… we definitely would love to see and hear from you more often, but we will take you when we get you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful swap blocks. Those will make an amazing quilt, and regardless of when you make it, you should get your block the year of the swap, at the very least. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You quilting has just gotten more and more beautiful. You can really tell how much you have practiced, it looks so good! I cannot do feathers on my frame. Each time I try I end up trying to hide it somehow.

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    1. Thank you! I’m hoping to post again this week – I actually have things to share! But we will see.

      Thanks for the nice comments about the quilting! I can honestly say doing that whole big centre of my quilt in feather plumes was the biggest help for learning to do feathers in general. Just making that shape hundreds and hundreds of times. I still get some not great plumes, but I’m really happy with where I’m at with it. I do think it would be a whole other thing to learn to do it on a frame, since you’re locked into a different kind of movement than I can make with the regular non-framed machine. I’m sure you’ll get there one day too. (As long as you want to, anyway! I think a person could go their whole quilting life without needing to quilt a feather ever. There are just so many options to finish a quilt.)


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