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TTMT#74-Feeling good

6 thoughts on “TTMT#74-Feeling good

  1. I like your layout for the swap block quilt. And the orphan block quilt is very nice. I kind of like the tumble quilt having a scrappy look, but, like you, I have a hard time doing that. I tend to try to have things too ordered sometimes (it’s the Virgo trait I hear).


  2. Love the music quilt. The orphan blocks look terrific.
    I also have a problem with scrappy on the tumblers. I tend to organize them. Thought it was just me. LOL!
    You accomplished a lot!


  3. The music quilt looks really wonderful!

    I’m going backwards through videos I’ve missed, so I’ve already seen this week’s version of the tumbler quilt – I like it with the light/dark rows for sure! – but it’s really neat to see these fabrics a little closer up. Or some of them, anyway. It’s going to be a fun Christmas quilt.

    The Orphan block quilt top looks very nice.. it’s always fun to see how well things come together.


  4. Congratulations on getting so much done!! I like the tumblers, but I can understand the urge to alternate. I tend to do that too, but if it’s together and then I see something like that, I am not likely to take it apart and redo, lol.


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