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TTMT 11/6/18 – Short and Sweet

I hope you had a great Halloween.  We had double our normal 3 trick or treaters.  Plus some were accompanied by their teenage brother and sister, so we were able to give out about all of the treats.

11 thoughts on “TTMT 11/6/18 – Short and Sweet

  1. I love your prototype stocking. It’s fun to have the Flash design on It. It is hard to see the name. Adding a cuff is a good idea. I wonder if you could just add a cuff to your prototype? Then you won’t need to make a second one or “waste” the fabric.


  2. If it’s your prototype, just try the white cuff, you might like it. I see what you’re saying about the red being hard to see.
    Otherwise it’s cute and why can’t Garrick have two stockings…one at home, one at Grandma’s.

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    1. I gave it to Pat and Vanessa and Pat loved it. He immediately went over and held it over their fireplace and said “This is where the mantle will be.” There will be another one at Nana and Grandpop’s house too.


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