TTMT Video


Hi everyone,

I was not able to make a video. My mom had to go to the emergency room Monday night. Turns out she was in kidney failure. They have finally lowered her potassium which caused the problem. I think she is out of the woods, but physical therapy will be evaluating her to make sure she is in the right assisted living facility for her.

I have been doing a lot of knitting and have completed 51 hats. One more to make my goal for the year.

I also got a FaceTime call at the hospital from the grandkids. They were dressed to visit an assisted living community in Austin since they couldn’t see their GG or Grammy in Houston.

Hope to record next week. I’ve missed talking to you all.

Jack Skellington and Fancy Nancy

IMG_0450.jpg       IMG_5277.jpgIMG_5280.jpg

6 thoughts on “TTMT No #

  1. I hope your mom just keeps getting better and better. I know that was scary for both of you.
    Congrats on the hat goal. You do such beautiful work.
    Your grandkids are adorable! Yay for face time!!!


  2. I am sorry about your Mom, being an adult child trying to help your senior parent is not an easy task. Speaking from experience. Hang in there and accept help when possible.

    “I have been doing a lot of knitting”. Um, yes, you certainly have! Love the hats, so much color and they looks soft and cozy.

    Aw, the grands look so cute!


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