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TTMT#73-It pays to clean

9 thoughts on “TTMT#73-It pays to clean

  1. So! I have suggestions to get your quilters more involved in making charity quilt tops. If at all possible, have a work day. Get the quilter’s to bring their machines & supplies and a bag lunch if you can manage to do all day. Most importantly, recruit a couple of people beforehand and make super easy to piece quilt top kits. Charm squares, tumblers, bricks, etc. An AccuQuilt is a GREAT way to make kits. (I had already typed that before you told us about your AccuQuilt purchase!!) Pull out scraps, etc, and make kits, put them in a ziplock with a brief description. Just a post-it note saying things like “8 blocks across, 10 down” will do. Having pre-cut kits is the real trick. One of our Linus ladies calls it “mindless sewing.” It’s easy and fun and you get to socialize while you do it!


    1. Thanks Jen! We do have “sew” days, but out of 40+ ladies we get the same 3-4 that come. It’s been a real struggle. Then trying to get anyone to quilt the quilt is like pulling teeth. I understand it’s a time thing, but many hands make light work.

      I do like the idea of making kits with the Accuquilt for the guild. In fact I think I’ll do that for the next month’s BOM that I’m in charge of.


  2. I like Jennifer’s ideas! I was going to suggest having some relatively simple go-to patterns so that people don’t get hung up trying to make things that are super complicated or really time consuming (because that’ll drain the get-er-done-for-charity banks pretty fast), but kits are probably an even better idea! I don’t know if you heard last year about a bus/car crash in Canada that killed a bunch of young hockey players, but they did quilts for that which lead to hundreds and hundreds of quilts/tops/blocks being sent in … they were a simple pattern that’s easy to put together — pattern here, though of course you could do it in any colours rather than sticking to a colour scheme.

    The tartan bag is beautiful! Too bad about the frustrations though, ugh.


  3. I love your bag! We do charity quilts all year long. This year I put a rotary cutter in our newsletter and turned it into a counter to show how many quilts we have made. Normally we are lucky to get 200. The guilds goal was 300. I upped it to 350. As of this week we are at 308. Deadline is November 15. We were also changing the pattern every month until the snowbirds went home. Then we stuck to 3 very simple ones. We asked for volunteers to either work as a team or solo. When we had a lot of tops, we made kits and had the ladies sign them out at the monthly charity sew and the guild meetings.
    Some people only like to make tops, others prefer the quilting but hate to bind, so we stressed that you didn’t have to finish it by yourself. It worked and I am pretty sure we will make out goal. We have 270 members. Between 10 and 25 come to the Wednesday sew ins. About 30 show up the last Wednesday of the month for the actual Charity sew day.
    BTW Great that you got an Accuquilt. I subcut my strips into squares on mine. Or if I need 2 1/2 by 8 inch sashing, I cut an 8 inch WOF and the Accuquilt does the rest in seconds.


  4. I am planning to get an accuquilt soon, but sadly my Joann’s quit carrying them ages ago, I definitely checked… They just do mainly cricut products now. My wrist hurts pretty much every day so it really interferes with how much cutting I can do. I hope you were able to get a 2.5″ strip cutter die. That’s my main goal. But I want the tumbler too.

    I don’t really have any suggestions that are different than anyone else’s, those are really good suggestions.


    1. hit enter too quickly, lol. Also I really love the bag, sorry it was such a pain, but it looks great anyway. I bet you will love using it and eventually will forget what a pain in the arse it was to make.


  5. I love the plaid purse too. But I have made a couple of things that gave me fits while making them and, even though they turned out okay, it took me a long time to be able to use them.
    Yay for finding treasures when you clean. Makes the whole process worthwhile.


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