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TTMT #493 – Jinkies!

I had a query about Halloween themed patterns designed by me. Check out today’s post on Sewhooked for links.

I will be going to Quilt Festival in Houston in November. We will be having a meetup, tentatively scheduled for 2 pm Friday in the food court. Invite going out on social media this week! 😀

REMINDER: TTMT Swappers – November blocks go to Aalia. Please check your email for a mailing address update.



9 thoughts on “TTMT #493 – Jinkies!

  1. Your so cute!!! Well when I go thru the not sleeping thru the night I end up watching CSI. Your more productive then me🤭 can’t wait to see the Star Trek row along! Oh and popcorn ceiling glad this apartment doesn’t have it, last one did. It’s not very attractive.


  2. Yay Velma!!!!

    I tend to read when I have insomnia. I would probably sew my finger.

    So glad we don’t have ANY popcorn ceilings. One good thing about this house, lol

    Haha, love the bit at the end.


    1. If I can’t sleep, it’s because I can’t turn off my brain. It makes it hard to focus on reading. I usually audiobook up and go do something useful instead of tossing and turning.

      I hate the popcorn ceilings, always have. I think the consensus is we can do the stand-alone rooms, but the downstairs and upstairs hall, which are continuous will have to wait until we can get someone else to do it. Seriously, my downstairs ceilings go from the front door all the way through to the kitchen.

      Heee, glad you watched the end bit. I tried to do the Scooby Gang walk, but I couldn’t balance well enough, so I just went Monty Python. 😛


  3. Adorable quilt finishes and awesome costume. I read when I can’t sleep. We used to live in a house with popcorn ceilings and when the kids were little they were always knocking bits down when they were playing. So happy not to worry about that in this house.


  4. You are the cutest Velma!
    When I can’t sleep, it’s audio books and jigsaw puzzle or watching youtube videos. I can’t read because of my vision when I’m tired. I’m sitting here now typing this with one eye shut. Hee hee.
    Those Linus quilts are so nice. You always choose the right blocks to put together. Speaking of blocks, I think I recognize a couple of them.


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