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TTMT #285 – jewells68 – October 23, 2018 – Coughing Up Minions

In which I talk about allergy attacks, the 30th Annual Zoo Boo, and the making of a minion. And there might be a *coughcough* bit of *coughcough* coughing.

14 thoughts on “TTMT #285 – jewells68 – October 23, 2018 – Coughing Up Minions

  1. Wow that’s not good! We have a lot of skin and air sensitivities in our house. We switched every single product to fragrance free and as chemicals free as possible. It’s amazing how strong the lingering odor and chemicals are from products people use. I haven’t had a reaction that was throat closing. That is super scary and not ok! Hopefully she does more than tone down but stop using the product when going to work.
    We added nasacourt to our routine when one of us is having a major flair up from either seasonal allergies or an exposure.

    Love your Minion 😍 and feel better soon!


    1. I think there had to be something specific in that particular scent that got me. It was kind of musky. Usually perfume will just make me sneeze, not choke, lol. The leg hives are generally caused by stress, circulation problems, and/or heat sensitivity, and sometimes all of the above.

      Minion hat is giving me some struggle. I will have to tackle again tonight.


  2. Oh, your hair looks fabulous! Well done, Jan!

    I seriously hope the coughing abates. Perfume. GAH! *hugs*

    Can’t wait to see a Minion group shot! I’m sure the kids will absolutely love that.

    As an aside, fortunately, higher waisted jeans are coming back. I am, as you know, made of hips, and low-waisted jeans are a no go!


    1. She cut it to a great length and got rid of a bunch of the layers which were flying all over the place. Now as it grows out it won’t be quite so flyaway. So nice to get a haircut from someone that really knows my hair and knows what the heck they are doing! Phebe’s is amazing. OMG so much hair. it was down to her waist. She lost several inches to get rid of split ends but it looks so much better now.

      While the clothing appears to be working out, the hat gave me trouble last night. I will try again tonight! Also, how is it possible that I do not have even a scrap of black yarn around this house??? So I’m going to have to swing by Joann’s for a skein of black yarn.

      I can’t wear high waisted jeans because they come up to my boobs unless I wear them really tight, my favorite is the ones that say they are “just below the waist”. I actually have some Lee riders from the thrift store that hit me just a tad high but stay put and aren’t too tight, but they are black and I wear them to work a lot in the winter. I love overalls for yardwork because they have a million pockets and in addition to not mooning everyone I get the plus of having the ability to have all the things on me yet not drag my pants down, lol. Also, very comfy around the waist and my shirt can’t creep up to wear everyone sees my belly or my boobs. I can even just wear a tank top underneath during the hottest part of the summer. They aren’t exactly fashionable but I’m whacking weeds, the weeds don’t care what I look like, lol.


  3. Most places are scent free nowadays but not everyone is courteous. I have moderate asthma and I have to be very careful of any scents and odors. I’ve had the throat closing due to food allergies and It is very scary. It took a couple doses of Benadryl to take down the swelling.

    Minions is a good group costume. Overalls and hoodies. Doesn’t get much simpler.


    1. Since the new ownership took over a year ago we have way more smokers than we used to and I’ve noticed they tend to wear the most cologne/perfume because they no longer have a sense of smell. This is the first time I have complained to HR about anything. I usually try to sort any issues I might have with a coworker in person myself, but I didn’t want to get close enough to the cuplrit to have another attack!

      none of us had ANY luck finding yellow hoodies, so we are doing yellow tees. And one lady instead of buying overalls, found a denim apron, I though that was a great idea.


  4. Oh boy. Allergies. I have the same reaction to intense perfumes. Also get migraines. Hope you feel better. I hate that feeling of choking and not being able to catch your breath.
    Minnons is a real cool group costume!! Can’t wait to see a pix


    1. Even with a cold I have never woken up from a dream where someone was strangling me to find myself unable to breathe. That was terrifying.

      The minion ball cap is giving me fits. If I didn’t know I’d be too hot I would try to do a knit watch cap. I will tackle it again tonight.


  5. I am so sorry you are having such a drastic allergic reaction. That sounds absolutely horrific. I’ve had my face swell up to twice its size and trouble breathing, but that was a reaction to iodine solution when having an MRI and it happened in the doctor’s office so it was treated before it became that bad . Now I have to dose up with steroids and Benadryl before having one.

    I love that you guys are being Minions. That will be so cute!

    Love the new hairdo!


    1. I have never reacted to anything like that before. Not with my throat anyway. Still have a bit of a cough. Probably should have taken benadryl right away but I hate to mix it with my zyrtec, especially when I’m not at home.

      The DIY Minion is turning out to be more work than I originally bargained for, but hopefully I can manage to get everything finished in time.

      Thanks! I have been cutting my own hair for the past 4 yedars since my sister moved to Texas. I had WAY too many layers in there. This cut will help it grow out without being so wisy and flyaway everywhere.


  6. Wow that sounds awful from the perfume. And kind of scary. I’m glad your HR was able to handle it.

    I’ve already seen the minion costume of course, but it’s kind of fun to go back and see the progression anyway. How you got to there from here 😀


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