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10/23/2018 No Video

I spent my week with all of my kids in the house at the same time for first time in 2+ years. It’s so hard to get everyone together living so far apart with crazy schedules. So needless to say I never entered my sewing room. I came down with a little something on the tail end of their visit. Hoping to get some stuff done this week, but the remains to be seen.


Happy Crafting

6 thoughts on “10/23/2018 No Video

  1. Glad you got to spend time with the kiddos. Same here. Both kids were home from college and it was the first time my daughter had been home since August( no 2 years, but long enough) so we enjoyed the chaos for the weekend.


    1. My oldest and his girlfriend live up in Minnesota. It’s convoluted trip to get here. You either take connections or fly to an airport a couple hours away and drive. It’s hard at their ages to get the time from work off. Between that and middle ones college schedule the chaos ensues.
      We enjoyed our visit. It was way to long since they all been home together.


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