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TTMT #284 – jewells68 – October 17, 2018 – Cakes and Donuts

This week I show you my first two completed Project Linus Mystery Quilt blocks and my 11th blanket donation of this year to Project Linus, the giant granny rectangle ghan.

10 thoughts on “TTMT #284 – jewells68 – October 17, 2018 – Cakes and Donuts

  1. Catchup time, only a week late!

    Yay for finishing the Linus afghan AND for the haircut and your birthday! *flails arms*

    The PL Mystery Quilt is so cute so far. The cake fabrics are really cute and frosted donuts!! Quite a few people who I follow on IG are playing along, so I’ve gotten to see several versions of the blocks.


    1. OMG I thought I was NEVER going to get that granny ghan done. So glad to get that thing turned in.

      It’s been enjoyable to just do something so different than what I usually work on. The last week was a paper pieced block and I was amazed how many people were afraid to tackle it. It was seriously the most easy pp pattern I think I have ever seen, just triangles really. I am still on week 2’s pattern because cough and zooboo, but plan to get that done as soon as my minion is ready.



    Your granny square blanket turned out nice and huge. Plenty of room for snuggling.

    Your Mystery blocks are sweet. I love the colors.


    1. Granny square patterns tend to have pretty decent sized holes in them so I always make them teen size for Linus because we can’t give them to young kids.

      I’m enjoying trying out the different techniques in the mystery quilt. It’s fun to just try new things occasionally. I haven’t watched any of the videos so far because the first two weeks were pretty easy to understand the instructions, but it’s nice that they give you a video for each block.


  3. Belated birthday wishes!

    The granny-ghan is really neat.. it kind of makes me think of like, retro video games 😀

    I’m ages behind, but our snow actually went away! October generally was much warmer than September, except for that big snowstorm at the beginning of the month. I hope things have warmed up for you too!


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