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TTMT #63 Scrappy Quilt Top


8 thoughts on “TTMT #63 Scrappy Quilt Top

    1. Thanks Sarah! I’m hoping to start next week. I should have this quilt finished except binding for this Friday’s video. Next Friday will be the introduction video for the log cabin QAYG blocks.


    1. Thanks Jennifer! I love scrappy projects. There are so many string quilts that I could stay busy for awhile just using my strings.


  1. You have inspired me with your scrappy goodness quilts. I think my next quilt will be a string quilt made with some of the hundreds of 2 1/2″ strips I have. I took a small phone book to Staples and had it cut into 8″ squares so when I want to get started, I’ll be off to the races.


  2. The QAYG project looks great.. I’ve done one larger quilt as you go project and mostly enjoyed it, though I didn’t love so much how it attached to the back. I mean, it wasn’t bad because the batting is so thin, but maybe I need to try some of the other methods that are out there for finishing. I’m sure you’ve posted more since this video but I’ll be curious to see how you finish this one. (I assume it’ll be a lot like the one I did – you layer the top/batting over the backing and do quilting along the seams to keep it the back from sagging and to help mash down the seams where you’ve got two layers of batting.)


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