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I am really back this time … Promise

I have been lurking and watching your videos , I haven’t commented and will probably only comment on new ones now as I would have to go back so far… I have been living though your sewing and projects whilst we had loads of stuff going on. But I promise I am back now …. fingers crossed.

8 thoughts on “I am really back this time … Promise

  1. Another lover of Tula Pink in the group! Her colors are so pretty. She has a QAL on instagram that I’m watching. People are making amazing blocks. I look forward to you sharing more. Your souvenirs look wonderful.


  2. Yay! I loved getting to see you all so very much. It really was a lovely visit and you’re absolutely right, it was like no time had passed at all.

    Love the new sewing machine, I know you’ll make lots of fabulous things on it. 😁


    1. It was so relaxed , the kids loved it and we have talked about going back to the island another time as it’s so peaceful, but there was also lots to do.


  3. WELCOME BACK! I hope things have settled down a bit and you can get on with your crafty fun. Love the fabric but not nearly as much as I love that machine. I’ve had a Janome sewing machine that has been wonderful. And I have a Brother embroidery machine that has been used quite a lot. Now, a high school friend of mine has given me a Bernina sewing/embroidery machine that I am trying to learn to use. So far I’ve been sewing quite a bit with it, but haven’t tried the embroidery part yet. (I’m a big chicken.)
    Anyway, I hope your cold is gone soon and that we will see you again next week!


  4. Welcome back! I hope you get rid of your cold soon.

    I love that stained glass HP fabric. I haven’t bought any of that yet. But I would like to. They can’t keep it on the shelf at my store because people will push the cardboard out of the inside of the bolt and then steal the entire bolt!

    Thank you so much for the suggestion. My library doesn’t have it but amazon does so I may just order that book, it sounds really interesting! I would love to watch the show but right now it’s only available via Britbox subscription… which is something I have been thinking of doing since we just cut off our cable tv service. All we have right now is broadcast tv through our antenna and Prime via a firestick.

    Have fun setting up your space!


  5. I hope you’re feeling better since you recorded this! I just spent the last week sick and blowing my nose and have gone through a box and a half of tissues (just at home, in my bedroom, nevermind the ones at work or in the sewing room or on the main floor of the house!) so I definitely feel for you! It’s dreadful.

    Love the De La Luna fabric (of course!) – I’m part way through sewing up a kind of Irish Chain type quilt with it but the measurements from the pattern aren’t quite right and it’s making me want to ignore it because every second block is going to be too small. Sigh. Anyway, it’s got all the ladies (and the other prints) on point in big square in a square blocks and then surrounding it will be the Irish chain. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with yours!


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