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No Video – I’m in a Time-Out

I have procrastinated myself into quite the crafty corner. I told my coworker I would have the finished quilt to him by the end of September. Which would be Sunday. However I have not even started quilting it yet. I did go to clean and oil it this weekend only to discover I have misplaced my brush for cleaning my machine. I think I may have accidentally thrown it away. I looked at a couple stores over the weekend that I happened to be visiting but nothing I thought would work well was there, so I just ordered a package of them and they arrived today. SO after dinner I cleaned and oiled the machine, loaded my new thread and prewound bobbins that I ordered specifically for this project and tried them out on my practice sandwich. Tension was fine so I proceeded to load the backing onto the frame. That took the rest of the evening. I don’t want to start quilting it til Saturday, so I’ll probably just ignore it until then. He’ll get it next week, I think that will be fine.

Meanwhile I did cut all the pieces for one of the first blocks for the Mystery Quilt and am maybe a third of the way through one block. So I’m already behind with that, but I’m not going to sweat that. I don’t care if I finish with everyone else. The cutting really did my wrist in. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get myself an accuquilt sooner rather than later. So I’m planning to take the commission money from this quilt (he already paid me for the materials) and put that toward the accuquilt go. Meanwhile I think I need to hit the drugstore tomorrow for a wrist brace.

We seem to actually be getting autumn almost on time, so that’s a good thing! WE actually shut the ac off all day today and the house is perfectly comfortable. Yay autumn!

Stay  crafty and I will talk to y’all next week!

10 thoughts on “No Video – I’m in a Time-Out

  1. I understand the pain from cutting too long. I was sewing yesterday for about 3 or 4 hours and my hands cramped up so bad I couldn’t move my fingers. And that was machine sewing!

    I’m sure he’ll be happy with the quilt no matter when he gets it.


    1. Thanks! It’s a pretty common problem I think. Years and years of keyboarding all day combined with most of my hobbies involving some form of repetitive wrist stress, results in carpal tunnel. That combined with my inherited arthritis all over my body make for some regular bouts of severe pain. I think the cutting machine will help me a lot, for making bindings alone, not to mention all the other blocks and strips I can do with it. I just need to take steps to make sure I can keep doing my favorite things into my retirement, whenever that might come.


  2. You could also try getting a Martinelli? Marinelli? Martelli rotary cutter… they’re completely different from the standard cutter and take a lot of the pressure off your wrist. They’ve got videos on youtube about how to use them/how they’re helpful. I find the guy who does the videos is a bit obnoxious, but if I’m going to cut sitting down (rather than standing up, which is really the best way to do it) I really prefer this cutter to the standard style.

    Anyway, I hope things craftwise are flowing a little better for you now!


  3. It’s not the cutting wrist that is the issue, although if I’m cutting a lot it can bother me, too. It’s mainly my left wrist, the one holding the ruler. I also have bone spurs in my shoulder joint and a (hopefully still small) micro tear in my rotator cuff tendon on my right side. And pretty bad arthritis in my fingers, wrists, elbows and neck and shoulders, so anything that can slow down wear and tear on all those parts is a good idea.

    It’s on the frame and the first two passes are done. So far so good. He paid me Friday what we agreed for the commission (he’d already paid for the materials), so that sort of spurred me on, lol.


    1. I am eager to try out and see new gadgets for my old lady body while we are in Houston. The wrist is at least mildly tender most days. On top of the my right neck and shoulder are in a bad place right now. I haven’t done anything since finishing the quilting on the commission quilt, but I need to trim and bind that sucker. My compression gloves I bought work really well for my thumb and hand/fingers, but not really helpful for my wrist. I need a brace I think rather than compression.


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