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Ttmt #22 a little geek out

9 thoughts on “Ttmt #22 a little geek out

    1. Thanks You I truly enjoyed making these blocks.

      My area had some flooded roads here and there nothing we don’t get with any heavy storm. The coastal areas are sadly a mess. It’s just not avoidable in that area with the number rivers and proximity to the coast. It’s still sad every time you see it happen.


  1. I just love the scientific fabric. It’s amazing how fabrics have changed since I started quilting. Having a whole line of fabric that is science related is wonderful! The pillow shams are going to be great on the bed, too.


    1. Oh me too! I love the variety of fabrics that can be found these days. I used to almost exclusively stick with blenders and solids because I did t like the options for prints. These days you can buy darn near anything!

      Finally we will have bedding that matches our personalities 😁


  2. Love the pillow shams! My cousin whom you met at breakfast is a retired bio-chemist for Abbott Pharmaceuticals. He would definitely geek out over that quilt and shams. I’m no scientist, but I love it too.


  3. I love those patterns. And the quilting looks great. I’ve been drooling over long arms lately. I need to just work on being able to use what I have to the most of its potential instead of dreaming about getting something new. That’s such a great use for the stuff you had to cut off. It’s like it was meant to be!


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