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TTMT #37 | Progress! |09/18/2018

Hey All!

I am finally able to show some things that are finished! I also added photos from our church quilting group.

Sorry for the delay… this was ready to post on Tuesday, but that gift had not been given so I just delayed the actual publishing until after I expected to get the notification that it was received.

Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “TTMT #37 | Progress! |09/18/2018

  1. Our Walmart used to have the pre-cut yardage. I’m happy to see that they may be switching back. I used to shop at 2 am after work and grab some of those pre-cuts.


  2. I love that weighted blanket. That is a great way to use that panel and the spider web fabric. I know your daughter is loving it!
    Now I have to add a trip to Walmart to my list! I hope ours is carrying the yard precuts.


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