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10 thoughts on “TTMT#70-Showoff!

  1. Congratulations on your ribbons. I absolutely love that Kaffe Fassett (sp?) quilt. You deserved those ribbons!!!
    Have a wonderful, safe trip to Ireland. That sounds like so much fun.


  2. Congrats on the quilt ribbons! Well deserved! I’m sure you’ve showed it before, but could you show the Matisse one again – I’d like to get a good look at it 😀

    Sounds like a fun job… one that lets you do things you love in the quiet times. My aunt used to work night shift at a call centre and some nights she’d take 2 or 3 calls in an entire 8 hour shift and she sewed by hand a stack of quit tops that she’s going to spend the next decade or so quilting by hand. (She’s left that job, though, so no more late night hand stitching!)


    1. I think I missed being able to sew. When I got home had to figure out what was for dinner, cleaned, and then was tired and didn’t feel like sewing. The office said they’d have me back in a heartbeat and I’ll do it, just hope it’s not too soon. I have Christmas gifts to make. 🙂


  3. Bravo! 👏🏻
    You maybe surprised but I’m not sure the rest of us feel surprised. You work is gorgeous and people see that. I truly understand your feelings about being judged. I hate it. Congratulations! Well deserved. Enjoy your travels and don’t feel guilty for being productive when they have nothing for you to do.


  4. Congratulations! Those are both beautiful quilts. And you are a “real quilt people” as much as anyone else is a “real quilt people”. If you love the quilts that’s all that matters, if other people do, it’s a bonus!


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