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TTMT #281- jewells68 – September 18, 2018 – It’s a Mystery (Quilt) Charlie Brown

In which I talk briefly about the commission quilt, and more about the Project Linus 2018 Mystery Quilt Challenge: Sweet Violet’s Bakery & Confectionery. You can join in by following this link and registering.  And if you want to follow along on Facebook there’s a group for the Mystery Quilt Challenge.

12 thoughts on “TTMT #281- jewells68 – September 18, 2018 – It’s a Mystery (Quilt) Charlie Brown

  1. Woo, get on that commission, girl!

    Yay on the crochet finish! I pulled my yarn out for the first time in ages for a travel project. And what am I working on? Sideways Shell!! I donated most of my worsted to Linus when I cleaned out my room, so all I had was that orange yarn left from G’s cosplay. It’ll do!

    I really hope you have fun with the mystery quilt. I didn’t look close enough to realize it’s a fundraiser. Such a great idea!

    (Am watching videos trying to stay busy until airport time!!)


    1. I will get the commission done… soon, hopefully, lol. Spent the evening cutting all the millions pieces for just one of the Linus quilt blocks. OMG I am so getting an accuquilt. Had to ice my shoulder and neck at bedtime.

      The thing I love about the sideways shell is it looks complicated but is such an easy pattern. Once I get past the first 3 rows I don’t really have to pay much attention. I still have some yarn but not much. I was going to donate it, but I like having something to do with my hands watching tv. Helps me not graze constantly. So I started yet another one. I think that is also what has been aggravating my shoulder and neck though, crocheting for hours this weekend. God I hate arthritis and getting old.

      I was thinking this is something your group could do at some point. People could pay to sign up and they could either quilt a long or just do it to donate the money.


  2. I joined the Mystery Quilt, but I’m going to look at the patterns and decide if I want to make it. It’s a donation anyway to I’m not worried if I don’t like it that much.

    Love that you get a free yard with 3 purchased yard of fabric. That’s a great deal.


    1. I like to shop from them because I want to support local business, but their quilting fabric is all 11-13 bucks per yard, so the buy 3 get one free helps make their fabric more affordable. They also give you $20 off after you spend a certain amount. If I had more free time I would join some of their clubs and classes but so many are during the day that I can’t.

      That’s how I think of the challenge. If I end up not finishing it at least they get my donation and they let me choose my own chapter. The only other fundraiser we do locally is a raffle quilt once a year. I did actually start one of the first blocks last night. So much cutting! I guess I’m too used to paper piecing. All this cutting is for the birds, lol.


  3. I prefer to film on Mondays too. Takes off he pressure a bit I feel. Your crochet granny afghan is HUGE. Someone is going to love snuggling up in it. I like having something easy like crochet or knitting to keep my hands busy while I’m watching a movie etc.


    1. That blanket is pretty big, but because it’s in the granny square stitch there are holes and so in order to donate it I have to make it big enough for a small child to not get their fingers or anything stuck in the holes. So when I do a blanket like this I generally make them big enough for a teen.


  4. I like the crochet blankets.. pretty colours. That blue and white border on the first one is perfect to finish it.

    So most of a week has gone by since this was posted… did you get working on the commission quilt? :p


    1. Haha, well, not really. I started working on the Project Linus blocks from Week 1. Which I also didn’t finish. I need to clean and oil my machine and the brush I use to get all the fuzz out has vanished somewhere, so I was trying other things and looking at a couple pleaces this weekend but didn’t find anything that would work. Finally I gave up. I’m just going to order a bag of replacement brushes so I can leave them in various places. Meanwhile I might try a cotton ear swab to see if that will get the majority of the dust bunnies out. I’ve been in a weird sort of mood lately and can’t seem to settle on anything for more than a few minutes.


  5. I’ve been using pipe cleaners to clean mine – I just fold up the ends so that the sharp bit doesn’t scratch anything.

    I definitely get the weird mood around crafting… that happens to me sometimes too and I’ll go into my sewing room and do five minutes of something that isn’t what I wanted to do and the maybe sit and stare out the window for a while. Or I just won’t go in for a week or so, just spend time reading or doing something else instead. Not all weeks are crafty winners, I guess. Hopefully you’ll find your way out of it soon enough!


    1. I’ve got the effing thing on the frame and before bedtime I got through the first couple of passes across the length of the quilt. Today I had planned to get all the quilting done, but apparently our comcast bill arrived yesterday and as our price jumped up we’ll be visiting their office to get that straightened out. It just never seems to get fixed over the phone and they are open today oddly enough. so that’s on the agenda. As well as the Patriots football game, which often isn’t televised but today it is, so as soon as I have had coffee and a bit of breakfast I’ll be heading back to the project room.


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