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TTMT #280 – jewells68 – September 13, 2018 – Dead Again

I cut a ton out of this but it’s still got some ummmmmms. Sorry about that and any jumpy cuts. Commission quilt is about to get under way. I also talk about the TTMT Swap blocks and stuff I bought at Hip Stitch. And damn, you can really see how grey my hair is getting, what the heck is up with that???

Also I think I may have used this title before but oh well, I’m too tired to check, lol.


10 thoughts on “TTMT #280 – jewells68 – September 13, 2018 – Dead Again

    1. I think she is the one I remembered talking about it. I figure it’s worth trying although every machine seems to have threads it hates and threads it likes.

      The owner of the store saw the big cut (4 yds) on the counter while I was looking at something else and was wandering around the store asking who was buying “all the pot fabric”. When I admitting to being the purchaser he then said.. “what in the world are you making?” lol I told him it was backing for a grateful dead quilt he said, “well that makes perfect sense, of course!” lol

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  1. Hiya sleepyhead. I hope you were able to get to bed right after filming this. I think you hit the nail right on the head about making quilts for commission vs. making quilts for someone else. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m having so much trouble with this gosh darn tee-shirt quilt. I love making quilts for others, I just want to have some of “me” in them – design, color choices, etc.


    1. I look drunk or something in this video but honestly haven’t had a drop since BFF retreat, lol.

      Yeah I’ve had a hard time making myself buckle down and do this quilt but I made an agreement with myself that I could only quilt the Linus quilts if I promised to do the commission quilt next. So that’s the deal, lol. Once I get the back pieced it honestly ought to go pretty quickly.


  2. Woo for all the turned in Linus blankets. WOO, I say!

    I managed to turn two in today and wished I had finished the other two that needed binding because we were short. Our requests were almost 700 for this month. Oi!!

    Go go go on that commission quilt! I hope you have lots of fun with it and then move on to your own stuff.

    I haven’t used Isocord on my machine, but I know people who like it for quilting. I picked up a spool of white Signature thread when I ordered my Juki bobbin for the same reason.

    I’ve never used a 90/14 for quilting. Let me know if you like it.

    Pretty sure I’m about 75% white hair under my color. I was probably 40% (in giant streaks!!) when I started coloring my hair a few years ago. If I ever get tired of maintaining it, I’ll just shave my head and start over!!


    1. Well I got zero done except getting the tapestry out of its package and removing the top and bottom hems. And I dug out my black fabric bin and startedf picking it through it for the strip I need to add to size up the backing a tad. I only need something about 10″ by 66″ or so so I figured I would piece it from scraps. Then I got distracted watching videos for the Project Linus mystery challenge blocks for this week, they were released today. I couldn’t decide if I was going to work on those or the commission quilt so I finished my crochet blanket instead. I just need to weave in the ends and label and wash and it’s ready for the October meeting.

      I was just watching this editing going damn… my hair is seriously turning grey, like all over.


  3. I think Isacord is supposed to be stronger than cotton threads, so people who do a lot of heavy quilting (or quilting over top of previous stitches) like it because it’s less likely to break when quilting free motion (which can be hard on threads). I’ve never really had any issues with thread breaking while quilting (I mean, occasionally, but not to the extent you sometimes hear people talk about it) so I’ve never bothered trying it. But no harm in trying something new, right? I did buy some Glide thread, which I think is also a poly thread, but haven’t got around to trying it yet. One of these days…

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing the commission quilt once it’s done… is it the same panel as the previous GD one or something different?


    1. Hmm, that’s interesting… the most issues I’ve had with thread breakage have been because I needed to put in a fresh needle or I was moving my hands too fast for the speed of the machine, or becaue it was a specialty thread like rayon. Well I will try it and see. I actually quilted my brother’s GD quilt with poly thread with few problems, but it was the usual thickness.

      This is a different panel. The back is now pieced, but I still need to clean and oil the machine… kind of lazy this weekend. Binge watching the Marvelous Mrs.Maisel and crocheting.


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