TTMT Video

TTMT 112 Little Hocus Pocus and a big hurricane

Pumpkin fabric

Carolina girls, if you need to see if your in a flood zone check the link

6 thoughts on “TTMT 112 Little Hocus Pocus and a big hurricane

  1. Hi neighbor! You are looking so cute. It’s fun to see you so excited about this new quilt. And that binding!!!! Who would ever think of fussy cutting a binding? Rainey, that’s who.
    I hope you stay safe and get to enjoy your Rainey rave. Around here what we are worried about is a lot of rain and trees falling. That means downed power lines. Not as bad as other places for sure.


  2. I love seeing how excited you continue to be for Hocus Pocus! I can’t believe you already made your binding, I am pretty sure you win the award for most keen!

    I will absolutely give Vicky hugs. I can’t wait!

    Thinking good thoughts for you and all of our TTMT family in the path of the hurricane. I hope you don’t have to have a raid!


  3. I love your quilt blocks. Last week, I couldn’t picture how that black and white fabric was going to work for the background. But it looks great. I’m a huge Halloween fan but I’m not into Hocus Pocus, but am going to really enjoy watching you make your quilt.


  4. Oh wow, thanks for looking up that fabric for me! I love island batiks so that explains why I love it so much. It’s going to be perfect for a project I have in mind for next year.

    The de la luna fabric is working great so far on your hocus pocus quilt!

    Stay safe lady, we are thinking about all of you over there!


  5. I hope y’all are safe during the hurricane. I’ve lived in Florida for over 30 years and I totally understand being happy that it turns away from you. The time leading up to a hurricane is the most stressful.


  6. Your first Hocus Pocus quilt blocks are looking great! I love how excited you are about this quilt 😀 It’s going to look great.

    I hope you’re safe and well with this storm. I don’t know where anyone is in relation to the storm, just that it seems like a lot of rain and flooding and power outages and I hope you’re not affected but if you are, I just hope you’re safe.


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