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TTMT #486 – All ’bout that Swap!

REMINDER: TTMT Swappers – It’s September! Please mail your blocks to Amber. Thanks!



10 thoughts on “TTMT #486 – All ’bout that Swap!

  1. Oh it turned out so fabulous! Just everything about it is great!

    Thousands of Bolt has become my go to online store. The prices are ridiculously good and they really have a ton. I only wish the web design was a little more up to date.

    Oh and I got my layer cake in the mail! Thank You.
    Such a cute set. I’m thinking Charity quilts for my guild. They donate to a place that houses moms in recovery and their kids. Perfect sweet fabrics for that.

    Happy Crafting!


    1. Thank you, I love it, too!

      And I agree, I do struggle with the Thousands of Bolts website when shopping. The search is especially blah, but for the prices, we’ll muddle through somehow!

      Yay, enjoy the layer cake!


  2. Your swirls are perfection! I would love to have the label sent to me in the PES format. I was thinking of doing something similar but yours is beautiful! This was a great swap and I love my little quilt – one of my heart treasures!


  3. I love the prices at thousands of bolts but HATE the search function. quite annoying, but definitely worth it. Do they still throw in a small spool of thread?

    You quilt looks so amazing. I need to figure out what I’m going to do with my blocks… make more or what. I really have no idea. I need to get the rest of the fabric for that commission quilt I’m doing and get it done so I can get on with my own stuff. Thank you so much for my label, I love it! Now I just need a quilt to put it on, lol.


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