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TTMT #35 | Getting Back On Track! | 09/04/2018

Hi all!

Happy September…. already!

Well, I struggled with the yawns again, but nowhere near as bad as the other time… so no more late night recordings!!!

Just a few ramblings today and a big announcement at the end!!!

Have a crafty week!

5 thoughts on “TTMT #35 | Getting Back On Track! | 09/04/2018

  1. Yay for being back at it with the running. I don’t blame you for being worried about your safety. My hubs and I keep brainstorming safety ideas. We had theses conversations before the Mollie Tibbetts murder but now it’s coming up more. Where and when I run is kind of isolated. There are homes around but no one is home when I run. If some creep came along, I am way to slow to out run anyone. I have had a creepy car or two in the past keep driving back around. It freaks me out everytime. I already bring my phone with me but I’m not super keen on carrying anything else.

    Way to hold those yawns 😂

    Get some rest and happy crafting!


  2. I have been working at eating better but I need to add exercise, I used to be very strong and I am not any more. You are inspiring me! I have only ever done a 5k but I haven’t even done that for years. I used to job in the mornings but I live by a really busy road and am always worried about getting run over. People drive like maniacs here.

    Those fabrics are really fun, I’m sure you are going to have some fun projects come from those.


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