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TTMT 8/28/19 – No Video

Bad news:  No finishes this week.  I’ve worked a bit on the Pepper Quilt but haven’t finished quilting it.  Hopefully by Tuesday.

Good news:  House inspection went better than expected so Pat and Vanessa will close Sept. 21.  I got to babysit yesterday while they went to the inspection.  So of course I have a couple of new pics.

  1. Garrick in the middle of changing clothes
  2. Top is an oil painting I did 12-13 years ago; bottom is oil painting Tim did for Pat Christmas 2017. (I was surprised to see these hanging in the living room.)
  3. Garrick waking up from nap to chat with Grandpop

9 thoughts on “TTMT 8/28/19 – No Video

    1. I have one painting in my sewing room, my oldest son has one and there may be another one or two around. I didn’t paint but about 6 months when the boys were really young. I didn’t have the $ to keep it up.


      1. There are too many pricey hobbies in the world, aren’t there? I used to crochet, but decided I could really only justify one expensive hobby and went for quilting.

        My grandma painted and always said she’d teach me to paint someday, but we never quite got around to it. I have a couple of her paintings though, which is enough for me really.


  1. Oh how sweet that they have you & the hubs paintings on display. Babysitting is always time well spent. Happy to hear the inspection went so well. I’m sure they’ll need a lot more babysitting during the move. 😀


  2. Congratulations on closing soon. They will be in their new home in plenty of time for all the upcoming holidays. I’m sure you’re going to ge plenty of babysitting time while they pack, move, and unpack.


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