TTMT Video

TTMT #78 A & B (Unedited)

Hi everyone,

Last month I made video, but had not time to edit, then last week I made a video and have no time to edit.

So here they both are, unedited. Includes a bit of rambles, but mostly craft show and tell.

I am way behind in commenting on videos. Slowly but surely going through them all.

Happy sewing!


8 thoughts on “TTMT #78 A & B (Unedited)

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been so ill! I’m not sure when which video was recorded, but I hope you’re feeling better since then!

    I am planning to make you a new block this week, which will hopefully not take so long to arrive! I do wonder what happened to the other one… I bet it’ll drift back my way ever so slowly and six months from now it’ll show up in my mail box with an “Undeliverable” notice (which happened to me once… there was at least 8 or 10 months between sending it and it coming back to me).

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  2. I am so glad to see and hear you.
    So sorry to hear about your illness. Here in southern US, tick bites can cause a couple of nasty illnesses – Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Lyme Disease. I am so glad you are on the mend.
    I like the blanket. You do definitely crochet – and very well.
    The blocks for your quilt-along are lovely.
    Try not to overdo and get completely well soon. Much love to you.


  3. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear how sick you were! It is good to see you up and about and I’m happy to hear you’re mending.

    I follow your blog, so I’ve gotten to see all of your cute blocks. I do recognize some of your fabrics!

    Crocheting is what I fell back on when I was stuck in bed after surgery. It is a good way to keep yourself feeling crafty when you’re not able to do your usual things.

    Maybe 2019 can be the year to say “no” and do some self-care! ♥


  4. Vanda I am so sorry you have been sick! I hope you are feeling much better now. I have been enjoying your blocks as they show up on FB, that is going to be a really beautiful quilt! I tend to fall back onto crochet when I am stuck in one spot as well. Your blanket turned out really nicely.


  5. Happy to see you’re looking and feeling better. It sounded like a horror to deal with the tick bite fever. Happy to know you are better.

    I have been seeing your stuff pop up on other places online. I love your blocks for the Fall QAL. They are all so sweet and happy feeling.

    Happy Sewing and come back soon!


  6. Ticks are evil creatures. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so poorly. Sounds painful and scary. You are now a crocheter and your blanket will be well loved.


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