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TTMT 8/21/18 – Oops

I fibbed in the video.  I couldn’t figure out how to add the pictures to the end of the video, so here they are.

12 thoughts on “TTMT 8/21/18 – Oops

  1. I have a coaster like that! It was a gift years ago and I keep it in my To Go sewing kit. What wonderful themed gifts for the new house!

    I love your idea of putting an older quilt top on the back of the pepper quilt! That is so clever!

    Your poor finger! I hope it’s feeling better!


    1. I made some of those coasters a few years back for a craft sale to benefit the nonprofit I worked for. They sold fairly well, but I haven’t made any since – and they are so easy.
      I have way too many quilt tops and I just can’t help myself from making more. So if I can use the ones I don’t care for to back the ones I like, that’s a win-win. Plus, if it is a gift you never know which side the person will like best.
      Finger is mostly healed. You can barely see the tiny puncture next to the nail, and there is no pain at all now.

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  2. That little man is adorable.
    I like the Pepper kitchen items for a Pepper household. I’m sure they will be happy to add to the Pepper stash 😉
    Cute top for your brother in law. Great idea for using up all those tops you found.
    Glad your finger is healing up. Thankfully you didn’t hit the nail or make a bloody quilt top!

    Happy Crafting


    1. I think I was more worried about bleeding on the quilt than being in pain!
      I think they will like the hot pads too. I’m planning to make a couple of pot holders and an oven mitt to go with it.


  3. Ouch Ouch Susan! Glad it was a minor mishap. The quilt is adorable. So is that little guy.
    This week I am going to also start making Christmas gifts. I always get bogged down in Novemer trying to get it done.
    Thanks you the kick in the pants to get it started.
    I am still trying to figure out how to do video and post.
    Happy Sewing


  4. I did that not too long ago and broke a brand new needle doing it. I was more mad about breaking a new needle than ouching my finger! Just keep it clean and you’ll be fine, it does stay sore for a while.

    That’s a great idea, reversible quilts! Use it up use it up! That’s our mantra for this year I think.


  5. OUCH! Sewing is a dangerous hobby.I think we all have similar stories about getting distracted and coming away with an injury. Little man is so adorable. I laugh every time I see him in his pumpkin helmet lol. I have coasters like those too. I think they are a popular design for gifts. I like to start early with my gift making too. That way when the holidays come around I can spend my time making decorations. The new designs always come out right around the holidays when we are so busy making gifts and then don’t have time for making the fun things. You must have started with yards and yards of pepper fabric. I do like how the pepper quilt turned out.


  6. Your pepper quilt looks really great… seems like good fabrics for a rail fence quilt. It looks nice and long, which should be perfect for a tall man’s throw quilt 😀

    The pics of your little man are just adorable.. love his little flat cap 😀


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