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TTMT #32 | One Tired Queen & A Finished King (T’Challa) | 08/14/2018

Hi All!

These busy days are getting the best of me… I yawned 7x during the recording of this week’s ttmt! I cut them all and added them at the end of the video – lol
Included are the Black Panther block pics/video as well as the reveal of Jaxon’s party theme!

I forgot to mention that I finally remembered to get the heavier clear vinyl on my last trip to JoAnn. That anniversary sale was great!

And this week Hobby Lobby has the purse hardware at 50% off! Right on time, but I have to send back the zippers. 95% of them were too short! 😦

Anyway, here are my mumblings for the week!

Happy Crafting!!!

6 thoughts on “TTMT #32 | One Tired Queen & A Finished King (T’Challa) | 08/14/2018

  1. I’m sorry you are so tired, but the out takes of the yawning was pretty funny. Grey’s Anatomy is a cool theme. You are so creative.
    My grandson is named Richard Grayson-for Robin-Dick Grayson. They like to pretend the Richard is for my husband, but they can’t fool me!!
    Take care of yourself.


  2. Your block looks great! No worries it will be fine. The rest should be here any day. I love the theme for his party. How cute! He is ridiculously cute to begin with! The doc outfit will be over load of cuteness!
    Try to get some rest Lady!


  3. You poor thing – you look so exhausted. You’ve got a lot on your plate.

    Greys Anatomy, now the sparkly pager makes sense lol. Such a fun theme. If you’re going to name your child after a tv character you may as well name them after the hunky multi-millionaire 😉


  4. You sure have your work cut out for you.

    Oh beans, I giggled so hard at the tiny scrubs. The cute is overwhelming! I cannot wait to see Jaxon in them. You know how much I love cosplay. 😀 That is one heck of a theme for a birthday party. Good luck getting everything done for Saturday and a VERY happy day to all of your family!

    Your Black Panther block is FABULOUS. I will keep telling you that because it really, really is.

    I hope you got some naps in after you recorded. ♥


  5. Black panther looks great and what a fab party idea. You work so hard at it all I hope it’s is a really fun time. Tiny scubs are so cute xx


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