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TTMT #483 – #bffretreat2018 – Top it Off!

REMINDER: TTMT Swappers – It’s still August! I’ve received swap blocks from almost everyone. 🙂



13 thoughts on “TTMT #483 – #bffretreat2018 – Top it Off!

  1. I’m so glad you had such fun. Being in New Mexico in the summer must have been wonderful! You are so creative with your quilt designs. I could never do that. Just not my strong suit!


  2. How awesome! I’m going to be “refocusing” my sewing room when Caity goes off to school. I know I have blocks to send you and Julia. It’s so inspiring to see all that you did! Now…off to watch Jules’ video.


    1. Reorganizing can help so much and it helps the sore heart when the kiddo heads off to school, too.

      The orphan blocks have never flown so fast and furiously! I will be restocking for next year’s BFF Retreat!


  3. You guys are so cute! Love seeing all your quilts tops! Love them all.

    Your block went out Friday. I’m sorry. It’s crazy for me right now. I’m staff when all the kids leave for school but I lost 2 managers in one week. Margarita night is every night theses days.


  4. I want to go back to the mountains, I miss the highs in the 70s. *fans self* Girl I don’t know how you did it. You had twice as much stuff to show and your video was half as long as mine! I’m already prepping to start quilting. This whole process was so freeing up of my creativity. I’m ready to dive in and quilt quilt quilt! This definitely has to be an annual thing!


    1. I know! The weather & *everything* was perfect!! I was inspired by the conversation about the HP shirt video! Otherwise I would have been talking for half an hour! I figured I can spend more time on each top as it becomes a quilt. BFF Retreat revisit over and over! 2019 will definitely be thing!


  5. Super Duper Love! These are the best trips! I love watching you both of beaming in your videos.
    What a fun thing to hang with your bestie doing what you love. You guys got so much done. The tops all look great. Completely unique and well put together. I love the orphan block quilts. They always feel sweet but funky to me. Like something my grandma would have given me.

    Happy Crafting


  6. I am so pleeef you had such a great get together, really makes me happy to see you both so happy. Great quilts to xx


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