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TTMT #276 – jewells68 – August 14, 2018 – BFF Retreat 2018 aka Sewing with Altitude

Ok, this is a long one, but an awful lot happened last week. I took a vacation, drove to the mountains, and sewed ’til I dropped. And I promise I actually edited several minutes worth of “ummmms” out of this video, I swear!


18 thoughts on “TTMT #276 – jewells68 – August 14, 2018 – BFF Retreat 2018 aka Sewing with Altitude

  1. Sleep, what is sleep? Lol!!

    Orphan. Blocks. SLAYED. We kicked butt. So many undone things are now done! So many ufos are almost-fo-ed! WOO! I loved how much we were able to play and mix and match and just hang out and get our mojo going again. *glomps*

    Haha! My video is processing and I also guessed we used over 100 blocks. Next time we’ll keep track. 😛

    We’re seriously going to need to conspire on the pink turtles. I’m thinking maybe something for my To Go kit so I can see them regularly, especially since we both got some!

    Oh, Teasy McTease on the Spooky pattern!

    I keep looking at our photos and I swear I don’t remember sewing half of the tops together. I was too busy talking and just enjoying being in the same physical space as you!!

    Kitty applique for the win! I still love that you did that. 😀

    The elephant quilt. ♥

    Yes, yes, let’s go back! Real life isn’t nearly as fun without you! *squishes*

    *gigglesnort* Thank goodness for Steve-O! 😛


    1. Steve-o is a her-o, lol. You are so right we totally knocked it out of the park. So. Many. Blocks. Used! Have been unpacking my sewing stuff, digging out fabrics for backing, and prepping to start the quilting marathon.

      I need to do some research on my mystery quilt before I get started. I will likely have a couple embroidery patterns to submit Fandom in Stitches by the time I figure it out.

      Ooh pink turtles plan. Hmmmmm I am seriously unorganized so something for travel sewing would be great. I seem to be missing my 3×6 omnigrid ruler. Did you find one you weren’t expecting? 😉


      1. Oh, I don’t know if I got home with your ruler! I have unpacked and didn’t notice it, but I can check again today.

        Linus is Saturday, so I’m planning to plunder the yardage so I have some more backing fabric. I especially need some brights!


  2. I’m so glad you both had such a good time. You made so many quilts! That’s awesome.
    Love the kitty appliqué. Yes, that cat fabric belonged to my friend. She would be so pleased to know it was used in a clever way. Some kid is going to just love it.


  3. Oh my gosh! I loved watching this! You are beaming from your bff vaca! Trips like this are the best ever! Everyone needs one from time to time.

    Any cabin in the mountains makes me happy! I love going over the to western part of NC for that very reason.

    Your kitty appliqué is purrfectly adorable! You guys got so much done. I love all of it!
    May your Crafty creative juices keep flowing!

    Happy Crafting


          1. A friend bought some as a joke for her daughter. The teenager has been wearing a pair of socks with her dads face on them all over. It’s completely hilarious! Even without hives I’m. It a poly fan.


  4. I love that you both had such a great time and am really glad you could do such a fun get together. So happy to see such smiley faces and some great quilt tops to xx


    1. This is something we have been wanting to do for a while. We haven’t been in the same place for 3 or 4 years I think. So it was awesome to just hang out and sew and talk and drink and talk and sew and tak, etc etc etc. This will definitely happen again.


    1. It was the best. Simply the best. There’s nothing like just getting together and sewing sewing sewing with people you love. 🙂

      2 quilted already! Love getting stuff done!


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