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TTMT 8/7/18 (on 8/8)

No video from me this week.  I have made progress on my sewing room – a little.  My problem, besides being old and having no stamina, is that as I am sorting and putting things away, I see some fabric that I had forgotten about and have to start a new project right now!!!  So this time I found some 10″ squares in fabrics that are not my cup of tea but I decided to make a wheelchair quilt and take it to Cancer Services so that they can give it to someone in need.  I’ll show it to you next week; I should have it done by then.

I have about decided how I want to make my TTMT Friendship Cabins quilt.  Now if I can just figure out the math (not my strong suit.  I’ll explain later.

I got to babysit Garrick twice this week while Mommy and Daddy go house hunting.  So are they’ve put bids on 5 houses and didn’t get them.  They found one on Monday and asked their realtor to put a bid on it immediately; but it was already sold before he could fill out the paperwork.  Houses are selling about as soon as they are put on the market.

Here’s my new cutting/pressing station (see I did get something done in the sewing room).DSCF0064


11 thoughts on “TTMT 8/7/18 (on 8/8)

  1. Babysitting your little dude is always time well spent!
    My rooms a mess and I don’t think I could do it shoot. I think I would need to do little bits at a time. That cutting area looks good! You’ll get there.

    Do you have dimensions for a wheel chair quilt? I was thinking my dad needs one. He is using this ratting looking flannel thing.


  2. One group makes them 27 X 36″ but I’m making mine a bit bigger. I want it to be wide enough to tuck in the sides and long enough to cover the feet without getting dragged on the ground or tangled in the wheels. If it’s a bit too long, it can always be folded on their lap and maybe be able to put their hands in the folded area to keep warm. Some are made with a two-sided pocket on the front for the hands, sort of like a built in muff.


  3. I had that same feeling today – I have to start something new! Now I’m working on 2 new shawls. I’m also using yarn I already have.

    I haven’t seen my grandkids for awhile since I had another surgery. My son has been calling on FaceTime or regular phone calls so I can talk with them. I got to see a bunch of game characters Grayson (2nd grade) got this week and Charlotte called to tell me she was going to meet her new teacher – kindergarten. We usually try to get over to see them (only 3 hours away) every 3-4 weeks.

    I’m going to try the wheel chair quilts. Do you make blocks for it or solid pieces of fabric? I bet the people really enjoy them.

    Have a good week!


  4. The housing market sounds a bit crazy.. I’m sorry they’re having so many issues finding a place! I hope they’re able to get in on something good that’ll work for them soon. But yay for having Garrick time while they’re working at it!

    I like the new cutting area set up – I need to get a method like your hangers for my rulers too. Right now they’re all leaning up against the wall on the floor or sitting on top of stuff on a bookshelf (which I knocked a few of them off a few weeks ago and now they’re behind the book shelf because it doesn’t have a back and it’s too much work to fish them out). Maybe I just have too many rulers.

    Anyway, tackling the clean-up a little at a time is probably the best method. Easier than trying to accomplish everything all at once, anyway!


  5. The housing market is usually good for one side and not the other. Unfortunately, it’s a sellers’ market right now. I always say those houses weren’t meant for them. Their house is still waiting for them to stumble upon it. I have the hardest time getting things cleared out and organized. Too many fun things to play with!

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  6. Oh, your family has my sympathy. We had a similar experience when we bought our house. We had looked at so many and put an offer on so many, I seriously couldn’t remember which house was which by the time our offer was accepted! It’s such a stressful thing to go through.

    Yay for time with your sweet grandbaby!


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