TTMT Video

TTMT #31 | What Day Is It? |08/02/2018

Hi all!

Please excuse the quality… I didn’t take time to set up the selfie stick or lights.

PS: after about 15 minutes the remaining time jumped to 2hrs… then my day got so busy that I totally forgot to go back and check the progress.


7 thoughts on “TTMT #31 | What Day Is It? |08/02/2018

  1. First all I totally get ya on the birthday wishes. Sometimes the love ones forget you really just want some Crafting Time! Like that is the gift!!! BP is looking great but take care you first!
    Being overtired, injured is not gonna help you out. Take a load off when you can..


  2. No more ouchies. Take care of you!!! Try to get some rest when you can.
    I hope Jaxon is feeling better.
    I like the way you lay the completed pieces out on a grid. I need to do that.


    1. Yes ma’am I will be more careful… and I got some rest yesterday after all the kids left. Jaxon is better… another bought with teething. This is the 1st time I have put my pieces on the grid… I don’t normally have it set to print the grid at 100%… it turned out to be very helpful!


  3. I have done that exact thing with the rotary cutter. It usually means a)it’s time for a new ruler and b) you need to take a break. Hang in there, keep it clean and it will heal up nicely but those rotary cuts hurt like giant paper cuts from hell.


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