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TTMT#17 Triangles with a side of rambles

11 thoughts on “TTMT#17 Triangles with a side of rambles

  1. I think the triangles look amazing but wow, that’s a lot of cutting!

    Those clutches look so amazing but I am really bad at following directions. I tend to get really confused. That’s why I usually just make my quilts up as I go, lol.

    That sounds like really complicated software. I think you are right I feel like the quilt would shift too much to just set the computer and go.

    I hope you get all the blocks you need. I didn’t sign up for any but I could make something if you end up short. I’ll be out of pocket this coming Sunday-Wednesday with no access to a printer, though. Let me know.


    1. I think we are going to be covered on all the blocks. A few people just didn’t let me know they were done. So I got a bit worried.

      It’s kind of an insane amount of triangles but I like to pick things that are over my head. It seems to be my favorite kind of self punishment 😂 I’m sure I’ll get it figured out with enough time and patience.


  2. I’ll let you know. So far I only have a few blocks I’m concerned about not getting. I have a few people that have not respond to my emails, but I’ll give it a bit of time.

    Yeah I can’t Imagine just letting the machine go on custom blocks. I really just want to get a hang of this software so I can have a visual of the quilting before I do it. For both myself and the customers, but this rate I’m not sure how fast that will happen. I know there is a class but it pretty pricy.

    I’m usually horrible with directions and I rarely make anything but quilts because I end up with a completely wonky result. But this was good. I was very pleased with it.

    Omg I can tell you after cutting all day, this is part of why I paper pieced, and my table is about 4 inches to short. I’m done with the cutting so now comes the fun😁


  3. Jennifer, if you need one or two more blocks, let me know. I’ll be glad to make some and being so close to you, I can get them to you pretty quickly.

    I like the triangle quilt, but I have no idea whether horizontally or diagonally would be better. My mind doesn’t grasp diagonally well.


  4. That’s a ton of triangle but I like what you’ve made so far.

    Your clutch looks great! I wish more designers would make companion videos for their patterns.


    1. Thanks I think I’m gonna really love this top even of its a bot challenging to make.

      I love the clutch, but I really would have loved a tutorial video. I definitely made a few small errors that I’m not going to fix. They just don’t bug me enough to bother.


  5. Heh, I love your title!

    So. Many. Triangles. I’ve never pieced anything like it, so I don’t have an educated opinion. It is really fun, whatever you end up doing!

    Yay for Action Jaxon blocks! They are looking so good.

    The clutch is so good! You and Anita are making me want to make bags again, which I haven’t done in ages!

    You’re looking pretty fabulous for someone who just had jaw surgery. Just saying! Keep feeling better, Lady!

    Ah, I love that you are using my quilt to learn your software. I know what a learning curve new software can be. I hope it clicks and you’re on you’re way soon. Seriously, have fun with it and take all the time you need.


  6. Haha I haven’t really pieced anything like it either 😳

    My tendency to pick huge and new isn’t my best quality🤪

    My facial swelling usually goes down pretty fast. I sleep upright for a few days with loads of ice. It does the trick if your willing to do it.

    I am definitely going to try and get this software figured out. I love the idea of being able to show a preview to someone of quilting and have a visual plan.


  7. Would it really make a different piecing diagonally vs horizontally? (Doesn’t the actual piecing go together the exact same? A strip of them held horizontally looks, in my mind’s eye, about the same as a strip held diagonally.) I mean, other than the length of the strips – which only really matters in the centre of the quilt since the starting and ending strips done diagonally are much shorter and thus less unwieldy – and as you said, there’s no real significant difference in length either way. I feel like it might be easier to keep track of the pattern going diagonally, but that’s just me. Anyway… I say do what makes you happy.

    I hope the rest of the Action Jaxon blocks come in quickly! Waiting is so hard.

    The wallet/clutch looks great. You did good!


  8. Gosh, I’m so late! I have scrambled eggs for brains lately! I love the triangles! And the fabrics rock. I was thinking diagonal would be super long, but if not do what you feel comfortable with.

    Glad your recovery is going well. Continue to rest when needed. That software sounds cool. I love techie things and learning more about how things work.

    Your clutch is great! Didn’t I tell ya those labels are a doozy?! And your zippers are correct! When going step by step they will end up that way at opposite ends. You have to purposely reverse the back one if you want it to open on the same end. At least you have an inside snap on your pocket! It took me the 4th clutch to realize OH THERE’S SUPPOSED TO BE A SNAP THERE! Lol

    And I have to both apologize and say thank you again. My apology for the delay in getting my block to you. And thank you for all your work toward this. It will be fantastic.


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