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TTMT – The Planner Rabbit Hole

5 thoughts on “TTMT – The Planner Rabbit Hole

  1. You get a lot done when they are home. I recently read and article about those shops.

    The lake district sounds nice.

    The embroidery is a great way to do stuff and keep an eye on them, whether it’s lego or tv.


  2. Love your GOT planner. I’ve got some GOT fabric that I haven’t decided what to do with it yet. Maybe a quilt planner.


  3. I’m so glad you’re getting a change to take some breaks and have some downtime. You make me want to take all my vacations in England…

    Oh my, look at your planners, how fun! You have been having serious fun with paper. I love that you made smaller ones for your kids.

    I own a laminator, too. It is brilliant to have around.

    I very much agree with your counselor’s assessment of good scared. What wonderful advice. I do love Where The Wild Things Are.

    My twenty year old son loved Captain Underpants when he was a young child I am eternally grateful that the movie came out when he was already grown!


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