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TTMT 109

9 thoughts on “TTMT 109

  1. Sorry to hear about the foot problems… feet are the worst when they’re not happy. I hope it feels better quickly!

    How fun that you won all that fabric! I’m not super familiar with much of Kaffe Fassett’s fabrics, but he’s got some really fun colours and prints. The stripes could make a fun multi-colour binding on lots of things and I just love dots on/in everything ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Sorry, I finally saw it, had to wait a minute or two for it to buffer for some reason. Anywho…that Toy Story alien UFO board….I chuckled as soon as I saw it. How clever! I just saw a video a few days ago of the new Toy Story addition at Disney World, with the aliens bumper cars, so that was fresh on my mind.

    Lovely fabrics!

    Hope the foot gets better soon.


  3. To quote my mother, “When your feet hurts, everything hurts.” I had a bout with heel spurs and can attest to the pain. Fortunately it didn’t last long and has never returned. I hope the same will be said about your experience.
    That board is so cute! Little aliens = perfect. You have a lot going on; but that cute little board will help keep you on track.
    The Kaffe Fassett fabric is very nice. Good job Matt!
    Take care of yourself!

    PS: I still have the extra block you sent me. Would you rather I mailed it to you or put it in the envelope and send it with mine to Amber next month? (I’ve already sealed the envelope for Jennifer O. for August) Either way is fine with me.


  4. I’m sorry to hear about the spur. I’ve had those, too, and they really do hurt. Don’t push yourself too much. Also, you may feel like a hot mess, but you don’t look or sound like a hot mess. Hang in there.

    I’m surprised the people at the store told your husband the fabric was not matching. I’ve NEVER seen a Kaffe quilt that I would describe as matching. I don’t think that word is in his vocabulary. I’m working on a couple of quilts with his fabrics, but had to get the kits. I would never put all those fabrics together, but they look great when done.

    I have had lots of knee and ankle problems over the years. It just took a little practice to be able to drive and brake with my left foot. It really comes in handy. lol

    Looks like you have a good list of projects at various stages. Fun stuff to work on.

    Take care


  5. So sorry about your foot troubles, I hope it starts feeling better soon. Foot pain is rather like tooth pain in that it basically is impossible to ignore.

    I love your project board. I have no place in my project room where I can put it on the wall, but I wan’t to make space somewhere somehow because I tend to forget it exists until one of you ladies shows yours in a video, lol.

    I have never made anything with Kaffe Fasset fabric, my LQS always has a ton of it but I can never think of what to make and I tend to make up my quilts as I go along and not use patterns. It seems like his are meant to be used in a certain way in a certain pattern, I guess.


  6. Ugh I hope you are feeling better. Foot pain is really hard to deal with!
    I love your UFO board itโ€™s adorable with the little aliens.
    Beautiful fabric and I love that your guy picked it out for you.

    Hope you are feeling better and getting some Crafting time for yourself.


  7. Since I’m commenting a week later, I really hope you’re foot is feeling much better now.

    Your UFO board is so cute. I do love it! I also enjoyed your remembering all your projects not on it while you were talking. I do that all the time!

    Fun fabric, too!


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