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TTMT: 24 July 2018

In which I obsess over bad weather (which came to nothing in my corner of town), show off a mini quilt made for me, as well as a mug rug, wrist pincushion, zipper pouch and stone pendulum, and then a bunch of quilt blocks.

The giant quilt block is called the Swoon block by Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms, but it can also be found online called a Dutch Rose block, because it’s a traditional block that she reworked to a different size and with a different method to made. The Plus blocks are the Japanese x and + block.

14 thoughts on “TTMT: 24 July 2018

  1. Oh bill still me jealous heart , I love your mini , that fabric …. like you I didn`t get any and now i wish I had. I am hoping that it gets reissued as a classic . The De La Luna is amazing . I am hoping to get some but we are waiting for it in the UK at the moment at a decent price. Love your stuff as always and what a storm xx


    1. I agree about reissuing Nightshade! Even if it was just the cameo prints or the lace birds.

      The De La Luna has such a great colour-story… so pretty! I don’t super love the eyeball prints, but its all just lovely.. hope you get some soon!


  2. Your blocks is great! Thanks for taking that time to make the size work. I am sure it will be be fine. The mini quilt is gorgeous. Your swap partner did a super nice job as well as sending some fun goodies.

    The fabric is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see why you do with it.


    1. I was mostly worried it would be one abnormally small circle/symbol in the quilt, but I was looking on your instagram acct and it looks like at least one of them is smaller too (the flash, maybe? I’m not great with the superhero stuff!) so hopefully it’ll just feel like it was meant to be that way.

      I’m waiting on background material for the De la Luna quilt… my order went astray and I’m SO impatient but think I won’t get it till next week. (Everything else is cut though!) I’m doing something pretty traditional with it but I think it’ll be great.


  3. I always love seeing your projects. Your fabric choices are so different from what I usually choose that it makes me want to branch out a bit. I haven’t yet, but it does make me want to. I need a bit more imagination, I think.
    I love love love the mini-quilt and all the other goodies your partner sent.
    The 24″ block is going to be fantastic.


    1. Thank you! I used to mostly work with a lot of blenders or tone on tone type prints, but I’ve definitely dived deeper into the newer, louder, different types of prints that are out there now. It’s fun and it lets me do the style of quilting I like best (which is pretty traditional) with the great prints that are more modern… I like the blend better than anything else 😀


  4. Kristel, I LOVE all your Tula Pink items. I’m kind of obsessed with her fabrics. I was late to the game with her Parisville fabric. Hadn’t yet discovered Tula then and of course when I saw the Parisville and fell in love with it, it was gone and now you have to donate your limbs to get a piece of it. Let me check my stash for raccoons, I may have some.


    1. I have a FQ bundle of Parisville, so if I ever talk myself into cutting into it, I’ll send some scraps your way 😀 It’s SO hard to decide what to do with some of these old but amazing prints… I get scared I’ll just ruin them somehow! It’s always a bit of pressure trying to find just the right pattern.


  5. What unique fabrics! I know of Tula Pink but she came along as I was moving away from quilting for awhile.I didn’t realize all the animals in her work. I appreciate the modern quilts, but they are not my style. I would never be able to be as creative with those fabrics as those who work with them. There is a Tula Pink block project going on and I’ve been following on Instagram. #tulapinkcitysampler They are just wonderful creations.


    1. I mostly like traditional blocks and patterns, but don’t like a lot of traditional prints/fabrics/colour choices, so there’s a handful of newer designers that really speak to me because they let me pick the fun parts of the modern movement but still let me blend it with the type of quilts I like to make.

      That Tula Pink project is kind of fun to watch, although I don’t love the pattern all that much. (I borrowed the book from the library, but didn’t like more than a handful of the blocks.) I do like to see all the many variations in all the different fabrics people choose… that part is pretty cool.


  6. My LQS has already sold out and had to reorder more of the De La Luna, it’s hugely popular, and very striking. I like large prints like that for the backs of quilts but have trouble figuring out how to use them in any kind of quilt patterns.

    The mini is just fabulous. So gorgeous. And the quartz thing, it looks like it might work for a bookmark? Then you could enjoy the beauty of it and have it be useful at the same time.

    I look forward to seeing the rest of that quilt block, so huge!

    We’re in the midst of monsoon season here and had a huge thunder and lightningstorm Thursday night, our power kept going out.


    1. I’m not surprised about De La Luna… I think it generally has a more accessible colour palette than some of her recent lines and people generally always love her cameo prints and it’s another Halloween-ish line, which a lot of newer quilters missed out on her last one. (I did too.. I didn’t have much money when it came out so I didn’t buy any of it.) I’m doing a kind of Irish chain quilt with it, but one that uses big snow ball type blocks in the negative space, so I was able to cut 9″ squares, which (on point) are large enough to get the whole cameo face in. I’m excited to see how it turns out!


  7. This is my second run through of this video. I somehow forgot to comment the first time. Oops!

    Yay for TTMT blocks being in. Yes, you should have 9!

    I loved your swap mini. Holy beans that is cool.

    Woo for your Action Jaxon block. So cute.

    The storm is amazing to hear in the video. Wow!


    1. The Action Jaxon quilt should be great! I don’t know anything about most of those symbols – I have a very limited Marvel knowledge (I assume they’re all Marvel?) – but I was glad to do something little to help!


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