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TTMT#63-babies & bats

7 thoughts on “TTMT#63-babies & bats

  1. Yay the block looks great! Thanks so much for getting it done!

    Sorry about your drive! We had a 20hr drive once from Ohio to Maine that should have taken a fraction of the time. It’s terrible when you get stuck in it.
    The Wizard weekend sounds like a
    Super weekend of fun! I would love to get to something like that someday.

    The baby quilt is super sweet. I’m sure it will be loved.

    Thanks Again! I’ll keep my eye out for it in the mail.


  2. I love your baby quilt and batman blocks. the driving thing sucks I get so bored in the car and cant stitch cause it makes me feel sick , I think i would have lost my marbles at the end of 12 hours.

    Wizarding weekend sounds like great fun xx


  3. Holy drive time Batman! That would have worn me out! And to have to spend time in the ER while you were there was like adding insult to injury. On the bright side, the Batman block and the heart quilt are wonderful. Now go get some rest.


  4. Oh, ugh, your travel sounds like a couple of our trips. You need a vacation after the vacation!

    Great heart quilt. It’ll be a perfect gift!

    Also, woo, Batman block!

    Re: the con you went to, you gave me a serious bit of nostalgia! I haven’t seen Harry & the Potters since 2007 or 2008, I think. I did get to see the Whomping Willows a few years later during a tour that came through Austin. My kids loved the music aspect of fandom, so we’d go whenever anyone was in town. Harry and the Potters usually do a Yule Ball somewhere in MA. It might be worth looking into!


  5. Harry and the Potters is fun, but I love Draco and the Malfoys better. Both groups play a lot up your way, especially DatM because they live in New England, so just sign up for their newsletters and I’m sure you can catch them sometime in the near future without having to travel very far.

    Love the heart quilt, it will make a great baby gift. and you DO seem to travel a lot, so maybe there’s something to it. 😉


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