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TTMT – Embroidery Madness

4 thoughts on “TTMT – Embroidery Madness

  1. I do hope you’ll get your new machine soon and I hope it greatly inspires you to work on your UFOs. 🙂

    Your embroidery is so fun. I do love an ambitious plan!

    It’s good to see you making plans again. ♥


  2. I love your embroidery! Those are some great quotes. I glad you have found something to keep you busy while waiting for a new machine. I’m sure you will be so thrilled with it when you get it,

    I love a good to do list. It helps keep me on track. But I do related to writing unobtainable list. I have definitely done that before.

    Enjoy your time off.


  3. I love the idea of the embroidered quotes. I hope you get a new machine soon, but that’s an awesome plan for now.

    I am all too familiar with that type of depression, as I grew up with a mom that suffered from it. I think has been the main reason I rarely make lists, she would spend so much energy on the lists she didn’t have energy for anything else. At least you are conscious of doing this, and trying to avoid it, as I don’t think my mom ever realized (or accepted) it was part of her clinical depression. *hugs*


  4. The embroidery is coming out pretty great! I really like the fabric you used for that one quote, but you’re right that the thread colour just doesn’t work against it. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll figure out a better/different option 😀


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