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All is Well

Hi everyone,the surgery went well and I’m getting ready for bed. Drugs have now been taken and my eyes are beginning to shut all on their own.
Hubby’s a great care taker.
I can’t knit. I’m either bending my finger which sets off an oxygen alarm or I’m falling asleep in the middle of a row.
I bought some to make sock monkey socks. It was loads of fun and quick. Look forward to seeing what everyone is doing.
Take care.

7 thoughts on “All is Well

  1. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery! Cheers to having a great “nurse” at home. I tried to make a sock elephant last Fall… Let’s just say that it needs much improvement! Lol I gave 2 more pair so I think I will just stick to the monkey next time.

    Take it easy!


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