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Just buzzing along!

No video this week. I finished binding two quilts and snipping the two rag quilts. While it felt fabulous to finish them, I don’t really have video material for you. I otherwise having been busy with other work stuff and kids. We have a tie dye party and backyard camping this week. My daughter is getting ready to leave on Saturday for 3 weeks at a robotics summer program near Chicago. So I anxiously getting her ready and frankly just tired this week. Next week I have a small surgery on Tuesday. I will likely spend the next few weeks binding things, designing, and computer work for my Crafting.
I hopefully will have something to show you next week but it will just depend on how I’m feeling.
Happy Crafting and I’m enjoying everyone’s videos!

10 thoughts on “Just buzzing along!

  1. Would love to see the tie dye , my kids want to do that this summer and I haven’t a glue what to do, will have to fall down a you tube rabbit hole looking it up.

    have a great week , hope all goes well on Tuesday. xx


        1. No it’s all over and I’m home. No way would I get near my machine like this. I’m not even stressed in my feet. The most I’ll consider for tomorrow is hand sewing from my bed. Otherwise is drugs and Netflix for

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