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TTMT #28 |UFOs & Super Heroes| 07/10/2018

Hi All!

Getting this uploaded with minutes to spare before it is technically no longer Tuesday! That’s what happens when I sit down to watch a tv show and wait TWO HOURS for my video to export to YouTube… I end up falling asleep, then wake up at 11:35pm and totally forget that this is still waiting in limbo!!!! Uuuuggghhh!!!

Anyway – it’s up and just a whole total mess! So I do apologize ahead of time! I will come back in the morning to add all the promised links here in the description area.

Good night [or morning] – depending on when you view it!

13 thoughts on “TTMT #28 |UFOs & Super Heroes| 07/10/2018

  1. I wish you and your daughter both the best with your craft sales (bags and jewelry!). Every bit helps, I know!

    Thinking about having nurses and staff sign Jaxon’s quilt…When we (The Linus Connection) do coloring blocks, we cut 8 1/2″ muslin or white squares and add a 2 1/2″ colorful sashing all around for a 12 1/2″ block. Iron freezer paper on the back and then have it signed or decorated with fabric pens/markers or even crayons. Having a stack of blocks to pass around is a little easier than toting around a whole quilt. The freezer paper makes it easier to sign. I hope that helps a little.

    All credit for the Super Hero quilt goes to Jennifer R. She is the mastermind, I’m just support staff. You’re FiS & TTMT family, so of course, we had to help. β™₯

    Your Black Panther block just knocks my socks off. It’s fantastic!

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    1. Thanks, I think she has half of her goal sold already! I just wish I had as much free time as she does to sit and work on mine!

      Awesome! I will do the muslin and freezer paper… thank you so much. Sometimes I think too much and too fast!

      I will still thank you both because your creativity brought us all together. I love this family! β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’–

      Thanks RE the Black Panther… he’s like my baby, and I can’t let him go just yet. Just call me mother hen! Lol


  2. Ooooo, that Black Panther block! It is just perfect! I totally get that you want to help out with this project. Those of us who have come to know and love you are thrilled to be able to do something to help out.

    I am going to have to search for that HP newspaper fabric. Love it!


    1. Thanks, I am so excited to see it all come together….awwww I love and appreciate you all!

      STOP don’t search for the newsprint!!! I’m putting it in the mail for you today! Just call it a fair swap for the bundle you sent to me! If you couldn’t tell, many of them are in the Broken Heart quilt!!!


  3. I love your Black panther block! It’s completely fabulous. It will be the perfect center for the quilt.
    Let me know when you have clutches ready. I would love to get one. A fun HP clutch would be in high demand in house.


  4. I second the suggestion of freezer paper behind your fabric. If you already have a light colored fabric, any will work, it doesn’t have to be muslin, but the freezer paper helps make it easier to write. It can be squares, rectangles, whatever you want in your quilt. Because the people signing them might not know anything about quilting, I recommend you sash or border the autograph blocks first, so that you don’t take a chance on someone writing in your seam allowance. Another option would be to clearly mark the area you want them to write in, but then you have to make sure that you don’t iron the blocks after they are marked, even with disappearing ink/pencil because ironing can make those marks permanent. It happened to me on an autograph quilt. So the next one of these quilts I do will be sashed before writing on. You can still iron the freezer paper on to the entire block for stability during signing.

    And of course the quilters jumped in to help, crafters are the most generous people I know. It’s just what we do. I missed out on participating on quilt 1, but if there’s a #2 I’ll try to sign up more quickly.

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  5. You’ve always got so many beautiful things in progress! I think I like the second heart print best, but that’s mostly because prints with straight lines always seem to wind up askew when I try to turn the into backing fabric.

    I think I said it before when you showed your Black Panther pattern, but I’ll say again: it looks amazing.


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