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TTMT #16 UFOs = Bindings


9 thoughts on “TTMT #16 UFOs = Bindings

  1. Wow! You have a done a lot or work. It must feel really good to have things completed. Let me give you some Dear Jane advice. When you are working on the blocks you notice every single mistake, crooked seam, mistaken color choices, etc. I have a completed one in Civil War Era fabrics and I can’t find anything that’s a mistake. There are so many blocks and so many pieces in each block it’s just one spectacular projects.

    Also, I’ve started a 2nd one using batiks and every sewing trick I can find- fuse-able, machine appliqué, solid pieces of fabric that I will go back and sew where the seams should be and any others that may come up.

    I encourage you to just have fun and don’t have perfect as a goal. Enjoy it.

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  2. You’ve had a very busy week. I really like how the strips behind are turning out. I like the colors.

    I enjoy hand stitching bindings down but I decided awhile ago to machine stitch quilts that I knew would get a lot of washing. That allows me to spend the extra time with special quilts and wall hangings.


    1. I like how the strips are turning out as well. I just don’t like the process of it much.
      I diet mind hand binding but I was definitely losing motivation when I had 4 to 6 quilts at a time waiting for it. I think just need to choose which ones really need it better. Charity quilts for kids are not those quilts. It does pass the carpool time.


  3. All of your quilts are beautiful – especially the gray/peach/yellow one. I absolutely love that quilt! You have been a busy busy lady!

    The fandom paper-pieced quilts are my very favorite ones to make too!


  4. It’s so interesting to try a think you think you’ll like and then end up being noooo, can’t stand it! That has certainly happened to me. Mostly with applique…heh. Still, the selvage is pretty. I suppose you already know Fandom paper piecing is my personal favorite. 😛

    Yay for Jaxon’s fundraiser quilt coming together. I love our fandom quilters. ♥

    Woo for those binding finishings! I will say honestly that I haven’t hand bound a quilt since The Goblin King/Labyrinth quilt. I’ve been working on making my machine binding as nice as possible. Practicing on charity quilts has really helped on that.

    LOVE your gorgeous charity quilt with the teal/blue back. I can’t remember what you called it, but ah, so lovely!!


    1. Yes I definitely don’t like it, but it is a basically free charity quilts. I’ll stick it out. I desperately need a Fandom to sew or design these days. No much has been inspiring to me, but I miss it!

      I do love the one quilt top. I didn’t really name it. It was the selvage strips cut Into 60 degree triangles…so whatever that’s called 😁


  5. I love how the strips work but I can totally see how you might get sick of it. That happens to me sometimes. It happened with the turtles. I had to push my way through because I knew I would love the finished quilt and Sawyer was going to be born any day, lol.

    I decided while handbinding the grateful dead quilt (which took FOREVER) that unless it was going to show like a wall hanging or something like that I was machine binding from now on. I would like to try the faux flange binding next I think. But if you sew carefully machine binding looks really nice and will hold up to washings.

    Good for you getting those things finished up! I don’t have a lot of UFOs I have a lot of USOs that I want to get done. Need to get on that soon.


    1. I don’t mind hand binding when I’m car pooling but I definitely set myself up for too many! I need to find better machine binding techniques that I like. What is a USO?

      I get super bored with repeative projects and they become a major chore to finish. There are only two quilts I’ve made twice and they have modifications to be different. The POD and and my iPhone quilt. That’s it. So I’m probably asking for it by doing a king size one block design.


  6. I love hand-binding and I hate how all my attempts at machine binding have ever looked… but for charity quilts and things like that I think machine binding is probably the best way to go. I guess I should keep practicing machine binding (or maybe just teach myself to ignore the stitched line on the other side of the quilt that never looks like it belongs with the rest of the quilting).

    The selvedge blocks on the wall look really lovely. Nice colours. I occasionally (but rarely) save my selvedges because I know people like to sew with them, but I’ve never really talked myself into using any of them. I always like the idea of a bookcase type quilt with the words making the book titles, but I’m not a fabric waster so I rarely cut off much print along with the selvedge so the idea probably wouldn’t work so well.


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