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TTMT (Talk to Me Thursday): 7/5/18

7 thoughts on “TTMT (Talk to Me Thursday): 7/5/18

  1. Wow! I love your bag! The floral hedgehog is the cutest! As far as the strap, I say leave it… since it’s yours and you love it, that’s what counts! I have been watching loads of bag making tutorials. I also bought the Big City Bags book by Sara Lawson, it has 12 patterns in it. I used a 60% off coupon for the Peltex and now I just need to pick a pattern and fabric and go for it! Can’t wait to see your next one!

    *PS. Thank you for your kindness… I feel the same way, I love this group too!!!


  2. Your bag is just adorable! I think it looks fabulous. The fabric is so cute and you did a great job putting it together so that it’s dead center on the back of the bag,


  3. That floral hedgehog fabric is adorable! I may need to track something similar down for a future project. ^_^


  4. Your bag turned out amazing! Sometimes those little oops just happen. I would add a big button or a pin to cover up the wonky bit on the handle. I’ve had the same problem with the fusibles. I really don’t like the wrinkled look and you can’t really steam it out either. I’ve done a little research on all the big bag making blogs and they all say to use the sew in interfacing instead. It takes an extra step but the finished bag looks so much better.


  5. I just love hedgehogs and that floral one is wonderful!! About your bag oops – don’t point it out to everyone. Most of us creators think our work has to be perfect. No one will even notice it and if they do, I don’t imagine they would say anything. it’s beautiful. Enjoy it!


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