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TTMT#15 Scrappies

If you didn’t watch my video from yesterday, please take a moment to do so.

my email is

Anything related to the Raffle Quilt you can email me.




10 thoughts on “TTMT#15 Scrappies

  1. I love playing in other quilter’s fabric trash. I don’t normally purchase many specialty rulers but I really like the 60 degree triangle ruler. Your latest charity quilt is fun. I like the dark fabrics that are randomly in the triangles. I don’t normally add denim to a non denim quilt but I like the effect.

    I sent you an email question. Whenever you have the time. I just thought I would mention it just in case I end up in the spam folder lol.

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  2. First, let me say thank you on behalf of my family. I am still speechless about the quilt. Jaxon watches the TTMT videos with me sometimes via the YouTube App on my Firestick, so he sees everyone on the bigscreen tv. It is funny when he talks back to the screen. 🙂 I made a quilt with the 60 degree ruler. I enjoyed all the math involved. The scrappy quilts look great. I am a huge fan of repurposing fabrics!

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  3. I love love that strip quilt. Fantastic!!

    The new colors are yummy. I’ll definitely look forward to seeing what you do with those!

    Also, your hair looks super cute today. 😁

    I don’t mind forwarding email, but I do appreciate the clarification, hehe!


  4. The charity quilts are looking great.. it’s amazing what you can do with someone else’s scraps 😀

    I need to email you about the quilt, but keep forgetting to do it. Best do it now before I forget again..

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  5. Thank you for spearheading the raffle quilt. It’s a great idea. I’ not sure what I’m going to be able to do at this point so I’m watching the spreadsheet while I deal with my current todo list and will see what’s left when things calm down in a couple weeks.

    I love that scrappy quilt. It’s like a scrappy herringbone. Looking forward to seeing the new one.

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