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TTMT #77 Unedited and Unplugged

7 thoughts on “TTMT #77 Unedited and Unplugged

  1. Good to see you friend!

    I think life has been biting a good number of us in the rump as of late. It’s so hard when we don’t get time to be crafty! I know it’s a huge disappointment for me whe I don’t t have enough time to really be creative and productive. I am happy to see you back at it.

    I love your hedgehog and the current QAL you are part of. He is super cute and the quilting is perfectly adding details and texture.

    I’m sure those toiletry bags will be so very appreciated!

    Hope to see you again soon.

    Happy Crafting


  2. I love that hedgehog and was thinking about doing that quilt, but it just didn’t happen. I’m sure the women with enjoy the toiletry bags. Being hand made will be special, too.


  3. Yay! I’m so happy to see you back. 😁

    The charity bag project sounds like a big job. I hope you are able to enjoy the sewing as you go.

    Yay for TTMT blocks! I’m thinking of making a bunch of neutral ones to go with mine so the ones I receive will pop! Can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

    Your hedgehog is sooo cute. I love everything about him! All of your blocks are very nice. Pebbles in the sunflower is a _brilliant_ idea!

    I’m so happy to know you received your prize! I went rainbow crazy while I was working on Rainbow Cascade…🌈

    Yummy Northcott fabric! Can’t wait to see that row!

    Yay for new tools! Such a thoughtful gifts from your brother and son.

    Hope to see you next week!


  4. Nice to see you again! You’ve had an unreasonably different/frustrating/busy year and I hope things will settle down a little!

    Did a block not come from me? I can’t remember if I sent mine directly to you or if I sent it via Jennifer – I feel like I remember sending it myself though – but I know I made one! I’ll make and send another if it hasn’t arrived!


  5. So good to see you and have you back with us. Your hair has gotten so long!!

    The toiletry bags are a great thing to make. My local quilt shop has also been having sew days to make resuable washable feminine hygiene pads like these:

    Oh the hedgehog is so cute!!! I keep thinking I want to try applique but haven’t done it for a quilt yet, Maybe I need to do a small one for linus.


  6. I am so happy to see your face; it seems like ages! First off just let me say that I love that hedgehog so much! I need to start a list of things I want to do and prioritize them. So much to do and so little time!!!!

    I hope your life has settled down a bit and that you will be able to post regularly.


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