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TTMT 107

3 thoughts on “TTMT 107

  1. That new quilt is very colorful. And I’m with you, when I can I use wide backing fabric. I love pieced backs on smaller quilts, but They can be kind of a pain to piece for a larger quilt. So it depends on the color and size I need and whether or not anyone has the wide fabrics on sale.

    I love your blocks. Yes we have the International Balloon Fiesta here, for over 40 years now. I sound jaded but I have only been once in the over 20 years I’ve lived here, and that was for the evening balloon glow, which is when they don’t launch them but keep them tethered and fire them up after dark so they all glow. But since my office is on the second floor I usually get a decent view of the mass ascensions in the mornings so I usually skip all the traffic and watch from work! Here’s the link if anyone’s interested in seeing some fun pics. You are so right, it’s pretty easy to tell certain folks’ blocks. Amber and Vicky with their shiny ones, me with total randomness plus balloons, lol.


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