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TTMT – #26 | Projects Everywhere | 06/26/2018

Hi All!

My normal rambling of things on my mental To-Do List… lol and a sprinkling of pics and video clips of my progress. Also, I have a birthday party teaser/hint… let’s see if you can figure it out!

I forgot to mention that I ordered a book from Sara Lawson/ Sew Sweetness… with larger bag patterns. I’ve gotten hooked on her live video chats that are on IG and Facebook/YouTube on Sundays and Tuesdays. It should arrive by the end of the week!

I mentioned PRINCE patterns, so here is the link for those not familiar with the site…
Yesterday was the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death
Today is the release date anniversary for PURPLE RAIN
Today is the anniversary of George Michael’s birth
You can find paper piecing patterns for all three of them!!!

Happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “TTMT – #26 | Projects Everywhere | 06/26/2018

  1. Ah I spent the summer a part of the summer of 84 in my friends basement watching Prince videos on MTV😁

    My you have a lot on your plate. I also seem to get everyone else’s stuff done twice as fast as my own. Happy Crafting! Your new covers look great.


    1. I was lucky, being the younger and last child to live at home… my parents bowled a lot so I got the tv to myself…all the MTV i could handle!!! Lol

      That’s how it always works…we put orhers ahead of us. True givers! Thanks… cand wair to get the UV protectant on them.


  2. You’ve definitely stumped me. I have NO idea what you’re up to!

    The cushion covers look so fabulous. I really like your fabric choice. Woo for vintage sewing machines!

    I am also guilty of doing things for other people first. My personal stuff always gets pushed back.

    I love the Prince/FiS plug at the end. ♥


    1. I figured the clues would be a huge mystery. I will make it a little easier next week.

      Thank you. I am glad I purchased that fabric when I did, even if it took me 2yrs to finally use it. Now to search for the coordinating floral that I used on the swing. That would be great so I can make another one, the right way this time. And yes, Rita is a real work horse. Can’t wait to fmq with her!

      I love FiS! The community that helped me through one of the toughest events in my life. I will always put you all on a pedestal!

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  3. Wow I have no idea what you are up to lady with that mop.

    I love seeing you sewing away on that vintage machine. They rock!

    That triangle quilt is amazing, I’m sure Jennifer R will do it justice.


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