TTMT Video

TTMT: 19 June 2018

In which I show many, many things including three fabric postcards (only one made by me), a paper-pieced Schitt’s Creek fandom pillow, a bunch of bee blocks – from an Instagram bee called the True North Bee and from our very own TTMT “bee” using Jennifer’s log cabin pattern, a quilt along I’m working on, a mini quilt/cushion cover made using a single block from the Centre Stage pattern, a fabric basket, two zipper pouches, and an organizer.

This is a little bit choppy because I had to cut out so much in order to get it a more manageable length.. it’s still super long (~15 minutes even though I cut out 7 full minutes)… but I haven’t posted since February, so I guess I was due.

Patterns etc:

Quilt Along
The Comfort Quilt Quilt-along – hosted by Amy Ellis

Bee Blocks – 1 missing because I don’t know what it’s called
Dutch Rose or Swoon 16
– What I called an Economy Block is actually the Raspberry Kiss block
Sawtooth Star

Quilt Patterns
Center Stage
Refrigerator Magnets letters (Not designed for FPP, but if you print the reverse of the pattern, you can use it that way, as I did.)

Small Sewn Projects
Pink Penguin Fabric Basket
Elise Pouch
Cute Keeper organizer

12 thoughts on “TTMT: 19 June 2018

  1. Oh WOW! You have been so busy. I loved everything! You commented that you had so many duplicates on the green quilt. I did not notice that. There were 2 darker blocks that looked the same, but I couldn’t see any others. I’m sure in person more would be noticeable, but there are so many different colors I don’t think it will be that obvious.

    You small projects are cute too. I really enjoyed seeing your work. Thanks


    1. Thanks!

      I think the duplicates are probably most obvious to me because when I work on it I’ll sew 15 or 30 blocks, which each have 8 green squares, and so duplicates are kind of inevitable. Mostly I’m making sure not to have any duplicate prints in any of the blocks, and when I put it together I’ll try not to let prints touch that are the same, but there’s only so much time I’m ever willing to spend on something like that and might just wind up stacking them up and sewing them together in whatever order they happen to fall in, haha..


  2. So many projects. I know it has been quite a while but that still seems like you got a lot done in 4 months! Oh well, you know, gotta have some sparkly, lol. What can we say, we love sparkly so we have a lot fo sparkly and it’s a scrappy quilt so what can you do.;)


    1. I definitely have spent A LOT of time cutting and sewing over the last few months. I’ve kind of turned off since I got my Tula stuff finished, though. Ready for a break!

      The sparkles are fun, and I definitely associate them with this group, so it’s all good 😀


  3. You’ve been very busy. Lots of wonderful projects. I love making fabric postcards and cushion covers.


    1. I think I spent too much time sewing over the last four months… I’ve been talking a break since I got all my Tula stuff finished. There’s no deadlines now, so it’ll be back to my regular projects once I’ve had enough sunshine and fresh air and want to trap myself in a sewing room again haha..


  4. I love all of your projects! The green quilt is going to be fabulous when you finish! I have done a few quilts with thousand of pieces like that. I am genrally not enjoying the process while it’s going on but love the final product. I hope are enjoying your summer. I grew up in Minnesota, which isn’t Canada but awful close. I don’t miss those winters. So cold and long! So soak in all the fresh air and sunshine you can.


    1. Answering super old comments today…
      So, thanks!

      I’m definitely bored of sewing the green quilt, but I’ll not putting it away because I want to get back to it eventually and if I don’t see it, it will no longer exist. It’s so tedious, though! It’s been too hot to want to sew (and I have no ac in my sewing room) so I’m having a hard time accomplishing anything right now, never mind the boring stuff 😀

      We don’t get the worst winters here.. I mean, they’re not great, but I’m from somewhere else which is further north and more open plains, so it’s much colder than where I live now. I live just inside of the Rocky Mountains now, so we usually get warmer and shorter winters than other parts of the country 😀 This year was A LOT of snow though,.. just never ending snow. (Where I’m from we’d get snow a few times and then it would get so cold the snow just never melted til spring… here we have a snow, freeze, thaw, snow, freeze, thaw cycle through the winter. This year, we just didn’t get much of the thawing and a lot of the snowing.)


  5. When I first saw your pouch, I thought, “Wow, a taco pouch.” I like the pouches. I agree with Jennifer R., that green quilt is going to be quite special.
    You have been a busy girl! Love all of your lovely projects. You do amazing work!!!


    1. Answering super old comments today…

      Anyway, thank you! I like the taco pouches too, they’re just super awkward to construct. I forget what I said in the video, but you sew all the outside together first and then you hand-stitch the interior in, which is super annoying because you have to sew it onto the zipper, which is not easy to hand-sew onto! Anyway, they do look pretty cool.


  6. Yay, welcome back!

    I *really* like the sunshine card you made. The quilting is spectacular and I like how the colors spill from sun to sun like rays of light.

    Sooo many blocks! I really like that you’re making blocks for yourself when you make your bee blocks. I think that would be an amazing way to do a sampler quilt.

    Your bags and such always look so very well made. Your eye for perfection is amazing!

    My basket is greens & blues & a bit of tan. It’s sitting on my desk holding my extra cables and such. ♥

    I’ve seen (and liked!) many of your awesome goodies when you posted them to IG. I’ve really enjoyed hearing you talk about them, though. 🙂

    Yay for TTMT blocks received. I’m thinking of making a bunch in all neutral fabrics to go with my blocks (when I get them!).


    1. Answering really old comments today…

      Thank you! I was hoping the improv piecing in that postcard would look like rays of sunshine or something like that..

      Anyway, thanks also re the rest! Apparently I showed a lot in this video and have nothing to say about it a month and a half later.. haha.


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