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TTMT #476 – A Little Cosplay!

REMINDER: TTMT Swappers – It’s time to mail! Please send one block each to Rainey and Kristel.



12 thoughts on “TTMT #476 – A Little Cosplay!

  1. The cosplay is looking great. I didn’t recognize the name but I definitely recognize the picture you added from seeing him in P’s game. It’s nice to see some costuming again. I miss costuming.

    I just realized I am the recipient for July in the swap, which is awesome, that gives me a month to finish the last 4 blocks and have them ready to mail, lol. That worked out so well considering the first half of July is going to be a blur for me because of work. Maybe some of the earliest recipients will start putting their blocks together into a quilts so we can start seeing some quilt tops from the swap!

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    1. I didn’t know anything about this character until the boy told me he wanted help with some cosplay. I was just telling Kristel that I always forget how much I love to work on cosplay until I’m in the middle of it again!

      Yay for being the next recipient. I am also looking forward to seeing what everyone does with their blocks.


  2. I agree with everyone else – your cosplay outfits are amazing. I’ve never been into cosplay so I don’t have the eye like you and your family to see the potential in the ordinary. Great job!


  3. Both of the Linus quilts are beautiful! And those costumes are coming along very nicely. I know you are loving working on them with your baby boy.

    I have no end of UFOs to choose from for the QAL. Seriously, NO END! I’m thinking that the first one on my list will have to be the dreaded t-shirt quilt. (sigh …..)

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