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Update: Real Life


6 thoughts on “Update: Real Life

  1. It is soooooo good to see your face! You have been sorely missed.
    I know you are chomping at the bit to do some crafting and it sounds like you are taking the necessary steps to get back to it.
    Yay you for doing the healthy stuff.
    I hope to see you next week!!!


  2. Good to see you, Amber! No worries about not making a video in awhile…I mean, I haven’t made one for over a year so I win! πŸ™‚ You’ve got a lot going on but the craftiness mojo will be back.


  3. I have missed your face lady! *glomps* So good to see and hear you again! Our crafty spaces have growing pains as we prioritize our hobbies. I am feeling that a lot lately and slowly but surely working towards making it the space I need for now. I need to purge more but have already donated so much… all my knitting looms for instance. I’ve fdound that I want to keep useful things like glue guns, spray adhesive, spray baste, etc, that I don’t use all the time but need to have available, in less handy places to make it easier to get around. I have a plastic organizer designed for screw and nails and things mouted to my wall and it has everything like gluesticks for the gluegun, snaps, sequins o and d rings, that every now and then I need for something, and it keeps them on the wall out of my way until I need them. Then I have a box sitting on my shelf over the sewing desk with all the spray bottles of glue/.baste/starch, what have you. Then another with all the rest of my non-spray glue bottles in one of the cubbies under my cutting table. Sometimes I forget where something is and it drives me batty. I know you will find something that works for you. Good on you taking care of yourself. I am going to be making efforts to do a better job of that starting Monday because I need to build my stamina for Quilt Festival. πŸ˜‰


  4. Oh I do hope you get your space into a functional one for you. It’s so hard to do sometimes. In old house, I think I was reorganizing constantly trying to make it work.
    It’s a process!


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