TTMT Video

TTMT 6/12/18: Up-and-Down Week

Sorry I had to add the pics here instead at the end of the video.

Nana and Garrick:


Our New Neighbors:


Pepper Pic-a-Nic Quilt (tutorial for charm square quilt on point by Jenny Doan):


10 thoughts on “TTMT 6/12/18: Up-and-Down Week

  1. The pepper quilt is lots of fun. The peppers are so bright and colorful. Glad you had fun with your grandson. They need grammies to hold them a lot when they are that age. Too bad, huh? lol


    1. The Pepper quilt was easy and fun to make but I learned that with this pattern you can’t lay it out the way I did and expect it to come out right. I think you need to just sew them in a random way instead of in a pattern.


  2. Sorry about your car troubles. My a/c is out in the car and I need to get it in to fix but have been afraid of what the bill will be. Too hot to wait any longer, though, lol.

    I love that charm square quilt. How many packs of squares did it take?

    Garrick is getting soooo big!


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