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TTMT #268 – jewells68 – May 22, 2018 – Favorite Jeans… Again

This one has quilts, clothing recon, and a new panel purchase. Trying to keep that crafty mojo going!

18 thoughts on “TTMT #268 – jewells68 – May 22, 2018 – Favorite Jeans… Again

  1. I love those jeans! I have a pair I haven’t gotten rid of that were my favorite jeans from before my last baby. Oops 11 yrs I don’t think that’s happening 😏 I can totally do this with them!

    I have seen that panel. I love it! Its perfect for a boy that age. My 18yr old would still dig it as a space junkie 😁

    Wait! What? A Long Arm isn’t a necessity! Shhhhhh 🤫

    Have a Crafty week!


    1. I love my jeans. I want to start taking all my clothes apart and putting them back together. I looked at it this way, when I lose weight and need new jeans I can just go get some at the thrift store. Meanwhile I can be comfy. I tried out this Eclipse Long Arm. It was so awesome., 20″ throat. Ugh. Want so bad. And it’s under 6 grand including the frame.


      1. I don’t think I heard of Ellipse before. That sounds like a great price! Another brand I hear great thinks about but couldn’t find anyone near me to see them is a Innova. They are apparently pretty darn good bang for your buck. Not that I’m trying to be a bad influence ar anything 🙃

        I don’t think I could lose enough weigh to fit my jeans. I think the hips spread a bit to much in the last kid. But I have always been sad to let them go. I have a few holey sweatshirts that I maybe a little to attached too😁 I need to do better up cycling them or letting them go.


        1. The Eclipse is made in America. The dealer has a frame called the Float that lets you use it as a sit down in-table machine or with a stand up 4ft frame, and now they have added a new one called the Cloud that adds a second table underneath and you decide the length of the frame (the track is made of metal conduit. Similar to a Hinterberg Stretch frame They also sell it with the Grace Continuum Frame which comes in either 8 or 10 feet. Of course if you want to add a quilting robot that adds a bunch more money, but it has built in stitch regulation and it sewed like a dream. It matches your hand speed, when you selow down it slows down and when you speed up it speeds up. I got the hang of it immediately. And this dealer is in Utah and has an adult child and grandchild here in the Albuqueque area so he visits often, in case I have any issues. That was nice to know. I haven’t tried the Innova, but my local Brother dealer carries them. I have considered the Brother Dream 15. I might be able to use it with my existing frame to start, but it’s still out of my current price range.

          I have gained back 40 pounds over the past 5 years and am having trouble getting rid of any. I think my body is tired of the up and down. I am working at trying to become more active. When I was at my healthiest weight I jogged nearly every day. I can’t do that at my current weight, unfortunately, not with my 50yo arthritic knees and hips.


          1. The computer part of long arm is obviously nice but I think the regulated stitching and smooth movements is the most important things to have. It’s funny I think Utah most be the Long Arm Manufacturing Mecca. I would say look hardest at machines you will have the solid dealer support. I got rid my previous machine (16 in sit down)because of the lack of support. The dealer was near me but extremely unhelpful and generally lacking knowledge. I was so new when I got it myself, I didn’t recognize it. I went with a dealer two hours ago because she is amazingly knowledgeable and supportive.
            I have slowly gotten more active in the past 3 years. I have thyroid disease that has left my thyroid non functioning therefore the metabolism is dead as well. A this point I really try to focus on making the healthiest choices I can as often as I but I can worry about weight. It’s just not completely in control. Which some days is running a few miles and eating healthy… others involved entire boxes of Girl Scout cookies 🤫
            I try because I do feel better when I’m active. But I love the Jeans because I am trying to not be completely frumpy 😁


            1. I have stopped weighing because it was messing with my mental health. I am just taking one day at a time and one meal at a time and trying to nake better choices. I sit all day at work so i really need a walk inthe middle of the day but that is tough. I think for your jeans you might try a strip from a honeybun or even just 1 inch on each side depending on how snug they are. I used a 3 inch strip and that was a bit too much and mine were at least a full size and maybe a half too small. A 2 in strip prob would have been plenty


  2. Hot Flashes and Friends. Oh my goodness. *gigglesnort*

    The Batik insert worked so well. I love how it looked! I spent ages looking for a pic of the jeans I did, but no love. Re: adding machine tape idea, if you do it on a strip of scrap fabric, your seams will be enclosed and no paper removal. 😊

    Woo for the space panel! I’m so amused that we’ll both be making quilts for a Braden soon…

    So cheerful today! 💜


    1. Oh good idea on the fabric foundation. I can’t believe I know of two Bradens. 😉

      I’m always in a better mood when things are finally getting done. But thankfully, Life is starting to improve a bit. Let’s just keep it that way!


  3. I love the jeans redo. It would look awesome with patchwork. I like jennifer’s idea of using a fabric strip foundation. It would add some strength to the fabric strip. I would worry that the cotton seams would tear or wear out. I’ve seen where they add a wedge of denim or elastic in the waist area but I like your idea better. I’m not a bell bottom fan but I like when they add a wedge of fabric on the bottom of the legs. Lace would be fun too. Wow, I guess I really liked your jeans 😂


    1. Not bell bottoms, because it wasn’t a triangle insert, it was just a strip all the way up, so it really just resized the pants in a decorative manner. I am too short and thick to wear bell bottoms.I

      I like the idea of the fabric foundation too. I will have to try that

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  4. Girl, you are channeling your hippy vibes. I loved my jeans that had inserts. Triangles from the knees down. Embroidery around the top edge to dress it up an secure the seam.
    But my most favorite slacks that I ever made were hiphuggers in a peachy colored tiny corduroy ribbing. I sewed 5 inch long white fringe from the hips down to my ankles. So when I danced it shot out and looked fantastic. The moral of this story is that I wasn’t always an old broad! HA HA!

    The solar panel is awesome. Have a grandson that is autistic and gave me a science lesson on the planets the other day. He would love this in his room. His little brother as well. Will have to check it out.


    1. I didn’t want bell bottoms because I am too short and thick to pull that look off. This is literally a straight fabric strip 3″ all the way from top to bottom. so it really just rezied the whole thing, but in a groovy decorative way, lol.

      I am sure you can probably find that panel for less than I paid online, but I figured I knew I wanted it and there it was right in front of me so I bought it. There are some really neat space fabrics coming out soon. The lady at my LQS was showing me some they had ordered that would be arriving in June. Really cool stuff. It will go well with this.


  5. Those jeans….LOVE!!!!! They are truly retro-funky and totally in fashion! I have seen three celebrities in this past week wearing pants with a wide side strip on the legs! I need to show this to my oldest! I can see her ripping up her jeans! Great panel – PLUTO is still a planet to me!!! He will love it!


  6. The jean revamp is genius as well as practical and cute! I like Jennifer’s idea of using a fabric strip to reinforce it. I just love hanging out with brilliant people! I have a few pairs of jeans and some shirts that are now too big but resizing is not my strong suit. I think I’ll recycle by making other things from them, like totes, pouches, storage cubes, child shorts and toys, etc. This group inspires me every day!!!

    I like the panel too. There is nothing on the panel that says that it is only planets. Pluto may have been erroneously downgraded, but it is still part of our solar system.


  7. Don’t be afraid to give it a go. I really liked these jeans but they weren’t necessarily still in good enough shape to donate, but now I can wear them and be comfortable. Sizing down is easier than making clothes bigger though! Especially in shirts with side seams and / or darts.


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