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TTMT #43 Knitting and Gnome Villages

11 thoughts on “TTMT #43 Knitting and Gnome Villages

  1. Hi Robin. Everything looks terrific. Love the wall hangings. They look 3D because of the shadows. UFO is bright and cheery. Mine is butt ugly so it has languished for several years. It is on my blog. I am still sewing strings and chunks together, I tossed all the pieces in one heap since I needed my table, now I am sitting here pulling out the 42×2 inch strips that I will use for either Scrappy trip or rail fence. Most of these are blue. and green.
    The fabric that you received is awesome. The flower one for Peanuts may be the field that Charlie Brown or Lucy sometimes lay on while thinking, anyway that’s what crossed my mind.
    Have a great day.

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    1. Thanks Aileen! I love the shadows behind the quilts. Maybe your butt ugly ufo just needs to be tossed or donated? Sometimes I just chop an ugly project into smaller chunks and add more fabric that I do like. I’ll pop over to your blog and see just how awesome it is. I’m so far behind on blog reading again.


  2. Love your Gnomes. I have some on my lawn that a friend gave me from her SIL yard when she past. They are in very sad shape but I know she looks at them everytime she comes over so I can’t get rid of them. They were besties. May paint them one of these days.

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  3. I like the wall-hanging system you have; very versatile and can be changed easily to suit your mood or the occasion, I really like the bees quilt; I can’t remember seeing that before.
    You’ve made a nice start on the hat and scarf. And looks like you will meet your goal on finishing a UFO for May,
    What a nice fabric haul for the rare bears. Very generous folks!

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    1. Everyone has been very generous and sending in some fun boy fabrics for the bears. I will be able to make several bears for the kiddos now. The bee quilt used to hang in the hallway but I decided to bring it into my craft room. It’s actually one of my cats favorite quilt. She likes to stretch up the wall and paw at it lol. She hasn’t noticed it’s gone so it’s okay. lol The quilt is from a calendar series but so far I’ve only made August and September.


    1. I use to do a lot of charity crocheting but since I can no longer crochet do to a bum shoulder I needed to find something else. I love making stuffies especially if I don’t have to be the one to stuff them lol.


    1. I know they bring me lots of joy. Rare Science shows us pics of the kids who receive the bears and they are always so excited.


  4. I like the set-up for your minis – I’d like to get something similar so that I could swap things out instead of worrying about putting holes in different places in the walls all the time.

    Should be some fun rare bears from all these fabrics!


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