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TTMT – #21 | Sewing & Sowing | 05/15/2018

Hi all,

Yay!!! I was able to retrieve the files and finish editing this… better late than never! Feeling sooooo relieved!

I think I will change my recording day so that if there are problems again I can already have them editing and scheduled to post on Tuesdays! Gardening season is busy enough then it gets chaotic when you are at the mercy of the weather. You can fall behind quickly!

Also, I had picked up a new selfie stick and used it (hence the shakiness) This phone is way larger & heavier than the last one. Gotta get a steady hand again! Anyway, here it is, mostly pictures… short & sweet!

Emzed Foldover Clutch by Michelle Zoetemeyer [free pattern]

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “TTMT – #21 | Sewing & Sowing | 05/15/2018

  1. What a cute idea to use the hem for a strap!
    Beautiful hostas! I love those but every time I try to grow them slugs show up out of nowhere.


    1. Thanks! That hem was perfect as I didn’t need to cut, fold, press and stitch anything!!! Slugs like the same conditions as hostas… I put rough cut wood mulch around them and i have yet to have slugs… you could set slug traps – lids half full of beer… or sprinkle crushed egg shells around the base of each plant. They won’t slither over them.


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